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And yes knicks. Roll the sixers a monster. Second quarter brian anderson on philly sucking thirty nine six outscored the sixers in that second quarter as they just kinda waltzed their way to a one twelve ninety nine win kemba walker had nineteen points on seven fifteen shooting. He was on. Tnt afterward and says you know what took what philly gave them ninety dollars just taking whatever came on. Petunias came to the biggest bit was able to make some shots. It was a really exciting. Shut up because i wrote it to the echo lead business so there's two different slugs the one from the clips. Yeah and then. I then re edit them and sometimes i rename them and i forget if i rename them. I wanted to say or what they said. And sometimes i forget in that case i forgot you do a good job over here was a new york point guard leading the way i say every now and again you have an off game. That's all right here was coach. Tom dibitetto on Kimball walkers night. He played a great game. I thought our team played a great game. And and that's what. That's what i love about our team. We have great depth of scoring forty had eighteen. Julius randle a double double. So by the way i took Julius ran last night the over under for his rebounds was only seven and a half on bet him. I thought that was an easy lock which it was. I also thought Joel embiid over. Twenty one and a half points was easy and that didn't happen Derrick rose did if thirteen here was randall so they lost the other night but they bounce back. That's the thing about this league thinking about. Good teams in his league High character teams like okay to have adversities. Okay dow slip-ups how you respond or they responded from the flip as he said here was doc rivers. Give the knicks a lot of credit. I thought new york was so much more physical presses around the difference in the first quarter second quarter. We made a couple of shots where they actually had a lead after the first quarter and so with the win at the knicks. Also snap that losing streak to philly. The sixers had beaten them. Fifteen straight times think. Embiid was twelve in his career against them. But no longer unbeaten new york in chicago tomorrow night as for the nets. They get the heat this evening. Here's kevin durant and other game with more familiar faces. Good to start the season on to see where you are. Individual leave plan against different types different types of players like. Say jimmy butler. Who has kyle lowry on his team. very clear that he's a fan of lowering. This guy is definitely a blessing to show the floor with that. Who is that said that. That's jimmy butler as jimmy butler. Who said that. About kyle lowry right. Who not only has on the court expectation yet. Larry but off the court. Ones as well of the mo- madonna birthday tomorrow. And i one of really expensive gift hundred thousand plus cow thousand. She needs that. And then there was this pause and a reporter would you can barely hear him. He goes are you being serious. Damn i asked thousand things cow thousand. I'm not either. That was actually really funny. I have no idea serious or have probably not no. He's not show you just how much money they make. How just flip it. They are about it. What do you think key. Kyle lowery's what do you think he's making he's making but say a four million twenty four something like that. He signed three years. Ninety million dollars is thirty. Four hundred thousand dollars for a gift for his best friends a daughter. Sabrina that summer that so this i'm not i'm not asking forty pretty funny Elsewhere the lakers beat the spurs and overtime one. Twenty five one. Twenty-one anthony davis thirty five and seventeen did tweak the leg though a little bit frank. Vogel gave an update. Yeah we'll just have to see. How does he just bangui's with the one of the spurs players and You know i was he counselor but he was able to continue We'll see i responded. We're not university. Have lebron james out with some sort of an injury or soreness and i know that it enlisted as such. They did listed as an injury so he didn't play last teams old. they all they. They got a lot of old guys if they end up winning a championship. It'll be essentially a miracle because of Finish on russell westbrook. Thirty three points. Ten rebounds eight assists of the jazz. Beat the nuggets by twelve warriors over the thunder one. Oh six ninety two therefore now in the mavericks beat the rockets one. Sixteen to one. Oh six all right world series game one in houston i batter the game or hey soul air has going back bad god. Nothing braves bills like boston. Start a world series sprays. Radio sure was. They wound up scoring a couple of runs in the first another in the second couple. More in the third They built the five nothing. Lead wound up beating the astro six to two unfortunately for atlanta. This also happened with your at the plate. And charlie morton pitching. That's a ground ball. Hits off portland kicks over the freemen who picks it up and takes. The first fortuitous carom looked like it hit off. Morten shoe not so fortuitous. That actually broke. His shin turned out. He stayed in for three more. Batters struck out jose altuve and then kind of collapsed than they did x-rays afterwards and so fractured shin. It's not a broken leg. Which bothered al this morning when you being by bothered al. See all these headlines. Slowly charlie morton broke his leg. Or did i mean wait. A little bone bruise freaked. You out for six weeks. Not saying he shouldn't be out but for them when a pitcher breaks his leg. He then can't pitch but you you had a fellow in your super bowl who broke his leg. Roy snapped it. Exactly right snapped his leg. Nap does like he didn't continue out. Alex smith snapped his leg thighs. Men joel fis men dash strap guys leg right act prescott right. This was a washer a fracture. I'm break quote unquote break with broken. Legs redefined be only compound fracture. You call compound fracture compound or you call this a fracture. He just didn't. He didn't like the misleading. And you call your little bump on your little baby. Shin bone various correct right. But i didn't break my leg like when you made me like really shocked that you didn't play for six weeks. I need a guy like being helped off. The field was injured. Those a legitimate six tech. Mommy mommy i heard my shin. I can't play hurt. I there was the thin man. You're right though. You look even thinner my goodness before you were lifted weights all the time when i was probably one hundred fifty forty three pounds. They got forty five pat. I'm one sixty three now now. That total gyms though. Yeah definitely good couple times a week. I said he has peleton going. It's working at all hanging your shirts. Put the pillows on their you change in bed now. My what uses it there. You go Austin riley and rbi double. Adam do volley two run. Homer duvall on fox afterwards.

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