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Balance in the morning hates 6 10. It's Friday May 28th Good morning. Here we are. It's Friday. Oh, Friday. I gotta drive to La Hoya today. Oh, well, something or other for soccer. Get on the roads Early is really as you can. I'm going now. Okay? You guys just popped by to tell you I'm out, man. Last night, the I Heart ready. Mr Gore's the weekend. Ariana Grande, A just Another day. He was so neat to see people on stage doing music people in the audience dancing to music loving this, you know, especially when they would cut to people in the audience. They were so so excited and so seven right to know what those people did afterwards. E think some of them made babies. Go to Mars. It is impact performing a silk sonic so good you could tell, too. I think all the artists were like this was a big release for them as well to be on stage in front of an audience like that, you know when the weekend went up to accept his award, looked out to the crowd, and he's like Wow, a live crowd not used to this right? Right? Taylor Swift, accepting her award for best pop album for Folklore. Thank you so much for this award and for honoring an album that I'm so proud of you. I have to say thank you to the fans for making this album what it was because we all needed to escape into stories. Whether it was Movies or TV or film or music and the fact that you chose this album. I am so honored by that when she was giving her speech. I'm sitting there and I'm listening for any type of key story, right? Yeah. Okay, she said needed. What does that mean? She said escape. What is the acting like putting numbers together trying to figure out how to use your guts? Swifty's God Love you. You know, Jill became a swift you this past year. She's just.

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