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New kbc dot com is stories you want to share curated for you fair and honest. Check it out kbc dot com Traffic that one again. Groceries Alexa can help with that want to get the temperature she could help with that, too. Wanna get it right. Just say let's enable the K A. B C AM skill. Okay, Here's a M 7 90 k A. B. C ABC. Dependable traffic downtown L A. The one a one South bound before the 1 10 crashing the right shoulder. It's stop and go from Vermont Anaheim, Sig Alert the five South bound after Harbor crash in the carpool lane. If you're going up to see the snow bring chains also bring extra time. Here's Why San Bernadino, the 3 30 North, bound between lower passing in the 18, it's stop and go. It's also stopping. Go on the 38 East baron there between craft in Avenue and Valley of the falls, Dr Glen Helen, stop and go Traffic on the 15 North bound in between Glen Helen Parkway and the 1 38. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trip on a M 7 90 k. ABC from East L. A Toe west. L A get it Right? A 790 A. D. C. Handles 30 minutes off ride. This should be fun. Okay, fellas on who's ready to work? Here we go. Don't forget to breathe. Good idea. Get out home Motivation..

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