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Third recruiting though has not been as easy as it was for the last census which took place after the Great Recession when plenty of people were out looking for jobs this time the census bureau has had to bump up paid a more competitive rates in the majority of counties around the country the bureau has not done the bulk of its hiring yet but as of Thursday he says it's pipeline of applicants is more than eighty percent there Wilson says exactly how many workers you'll need depends on what most helpful to do after the census bureau start sending out letters in March when you get that invitation please respond it's going to affect our future for the next decade to affect how many workers you need right well that to that too the more households self respond the few were numerators the government needs to send out then double ACP and other groups have file federal lawsuit against the census bureau alleging it's planning to send out too few enumerators which could hurt the accuracy of the census information gathered from communities of color it's a concern some lawmakers have raised during congressional hearings including US representative Brenda Lawrence a Democrat from Michigan Mr Murray do you believe that the census bureau is doing all it can to recruit and to hire enumerative last month Lloyd's question the national urban league president and CEO mark more yeah now which are the census bureau's advisory committee for the twenty ten count it's time to ring the alarm bell on the enumerator program or else as a bureau should consider working with private staffing agencies and give more regular updates about senses recruiting and hiring we do not want to come in may and then find out that they don't have sufficient people because then there will be no recourse in terms of securing the whole car have you applied online yet about it to do it right here on the face of the person many on Dixon junior of Manhattan recently stopped by the census job fair in Brooklyn Dixon says he's worried the job will come with special challenges including having to convince households with.

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