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I'm John Marks. You call me Johnny marks a zoo. We get to know each other. I like the Oh, that's a see. Now I feel that's my walker. That would be my walk up song right there. Over. Hey, now, Connor Green. A bit more of an edge. Little more edgy. Not so, Poppy. Yeah. I mean, listen, there's a time for Poppy, but I'm a big big Hendricks. Guys appreciate that. Shawn's coming up here at the top of the hour, but we want to give you the my picks for the game. Coming up here today. But also we had to do a NFL coach tracker right because that's what it's all about right now is eyes exactly if you have a few of the team that still needs a coach. And you're wondering every second. All right. Who are they gonna hire? It's so important, right? I know in baseball. I mean, how important is the manager? The players are more important. Sure. The manager contributes to a couple of wins. But what we're talking about here, you're talking about a winner, Two or three or four. I suppose that if he just had like an average manager right in basketball talent wins, Sure, great coaches matter. But talent wins, right, the NFL, really. You look at it and said they have the They have the biggest the biggest responsibility as far as a coach manager, whatever and they have the most power as far as making or breaking their team, And I think we've seen that over the years. So hiring a coach is so so important. So let's go over who's going to be hired and who is hired and let's start with the New York Jets kind of kind of Greene's New York Jets Robert Solid. They signed. They They hire and he had two interviews. And then he went he hired with Philly He interviewed with Philly And then he came back up and he took the job. I think it's an excellent higher. Think exactly what they needed is what they got A leader of men A true character and everything else coach he is. I mean, you start with culture in the NFL, and I know that it's always great to get that next great young offensive mind. But where were the Jets have been for so many years? I think it's really important that you kind of start over with culture. And I think Joe Douglas, their GM is a guy that very much is into that and Robert solid will be A guy that taken certainly lead on to be their leader. And that's most important, the most important to me for the Jets job, So I think it's an excellent higher. They look at it. Michaela Floor. Who is Matt? The floors, Little brother? To be there to be their offensive coordinator so solid being a defensive coach, the offensive coordinator job becomes very important because he's going to run the offensive called the place, so I think the Jets did very well in their hirings. The Jacksonville Jaguars very interesting with urban Meyer and they hire urban Meyer. Um I think it's like the problem and I really like that. And the good things about her admire is he'll step in from Day one, and he'll establish a winning atmosphere and a culture that is winning. He knows how to win. And it's not just about offense. It's not just about defense. It's something that he's done in every stop of his collegiate career, and I expected to continue in Jacksonville. Urban Meyer is an excellent football coach, and he's not gonna have to call the plays..

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