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Because the podcasters, if they are removing their show because the people who are, you know, if you decide you're going to take your show out, then that means that these people aren't getting your show anymore. But why would they have access to Spotify and not apple or not Google or not something else? Because maybe there are some folks that only listen on Spotify and maybe they don't have an iPhone. That's step one. And they may not be able to listen to a podcast outside of Spotify or something like that. Do you know of such people? Yes, people who are living outside of the U.S., but they have Internet. Yes. So logic dictates that they could probably listen somewhere else besides Spotify. Possibly, okay. Yeah. But at the same time, it's like one of those things where even now, there's people who are refusing to leave where they usually listen to stuff correct. If you go refusing to leave is not the same as unable to access. Correct. But then there are times when maybe you never know how this is going to affect stuff. That's all I'm saying. So usually when you talk about the disenfranchised and we're referring to whether or not they have access to technology or the Internet, I'm right there with you. But I can't imagine why disenfranchised people would only have access to Spotify. That makes no sense. It's not that bubby. Look, I called you, Bobby. 'cause I'm your kid. Because you're my, 'cause you're my kid. No, I'm saying that there are a lot of people. Again, we talked about the fact that there's folks that don't even realize that there are cess feed can go to all of these different places. That have built an entire ecosystem around your Spotify ecosystem. Creators. Yes, absolutely. Okay. And then there's that. And also, there's a lot of audiences again that only listen and Spotify. I know that they have the choice of going elsewhere to listen to stuff. Absolutely. I understand that. But you never know how it's going to affect people when you're forcing them to switch. It's all I'm saying. And I'd rather not focus on the issue of Rogan and more on the issue of podcasting and what the ripple effect is going to have on the industry itself. Because there's a lot of things that we haven't talked through as an industry and it's not as easy as just like what everybody you don't understand the complexity of so many different things for especially for a lot of different companies. I'm just not into it at all. Unless they decide to censor him for some reason or stop their business plan of paying people bazillions of dollars to do one episode of their show. I'm not really sure how it affects our audience specifically because it's not ours. We're the least impacted by this. How has the industry itself? What they're doing, dynamic ad insertion, anything that they do on those larger channels. It's not really affected our show in any way. Never has. You're right. And I guarantee that if you're listening out there and you have a show and you've been creating it and producing it yourself, it's not affecting you at all either..

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