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Games and twenty days after they learned about this terrifyingly reports that contamination in new zealand consulate and the new zealand consulate continues to sit on it until after the games because they don't want to damage relations with china and it's not until september eighth that helen clark. The prime minister of israel informally and openly reports that contamination chinese governments. Now i'm i'm emphasizing the date so much because every single day that they delay means another day were thousands of babies are drinking poison and are permanently damaging their kidneys trying to piss out kidney stones and the results of the delay. And this is this is a the the the. The first case is reported in february they like the. The chinese government finally react september and the results of this is three hundred thousand babies. Get sick fifty. Thousands are hospitalized in six children. Die and i to read this quote from the from the south china morning post you can get a sense of just the effect that this had homerton zone sun in their arms at beijing's children's hospital joe shuping cries as she tell us how angry in shock. She is to learn that the milk powder her son has been drinking. Could kill him. I couldn't fall asleep last night. She says. I feel so bad for having fed my baby. Toxic milk powder. Since the day he was born living on the mainland..

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