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I simplified all this trash. She talked about how everybody's going to be treated fairly is make it very simple. Have a voluntary society to people want have want to do things together or apart. Just do it voluntarily no force in that does solve all the problems you can have contracts and whatever it is not a complicated thing except the people who are more ambitious than so anxious to have power or willing to do whatever they can get in power and they look like they're the government and they look like they're the people they are the government but they aren't the people and the people become lackadaisical and go along with it and And that's where we are. That's why i'm more optimistic than some people. Think i should be is because i still think the people are still pretty good and but they just need to be stirred up Because we already have seen that when things get really bad the people will you know like the end the vietnam war it really got bad and finally people said no more and locked on it. Sending because the people got sick and tired of it and I think it was the people. Not so much and the us but When the soviet system collapsed the people just got tired of it. They were broken. They walked away from. It was sort of like You know like they like we've done in kabul just walk away from it and It's not a bad habit to have when when because the one thing for sure i i. I've come to the conclusion you can't argue and shouldn't argue in a series mounir with you know the the marxists they don't even believe in truth and they don't believe in real reality. So why should they listen to you. I think that's different than talking to an honest progressive who really is good at heart and just probably hasn't been exposed to von visas and a few other things though they They go they go along. That's where we should work in. Work are coalitions. try to influence people but Right now I'll tell you what there's some really really Terrible people who are running. Our country understatement. Well here's something from their website of this battalion. This is the three hundred third construction battalion maintenance unit and they do announce on their official facebook page official facebook page. That they're having this pride hike family friendly it says Of pride hike so we'll see but it is consistent with what we saw last month. Dr paul which is put that next one on if you can remember this air force. Us air force base says drag queen show was quote essential for morale Air force base put on a show of men dressed as women We'll see about that. If it's essential for morale i just wonder what it's doing to morale i was thinking Could compare that to what bob hope. The bob hope shows i mean who knows what all the details are but you know the image was certainly a little bit different than the drag queens funny going to close out with some good news. Actually dr paul. And let's look at that next slide. Because this is the good news next clip. The war on us ron paul institute dulles airport mariot september fourth twenty twenty one tickets are on sale. Now go to ron paul institute dot org click on.

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