Tundra, Fraud, Rams discussed on Global News Podcast - Deadly fire at care home in Guatemala.


You didn't understand the line we to so does a speaking but said they could have been rebels all government trips in both sides agreed accused of atrocities but most here blamed the government security forces we put but to the scene a commander brigadier general troll dentro my if it got to love it and if in there's no killing alright he said it really so does such a thing i have to rest up soldier immediately and then that couldn't right and then them and then and a girl the only people we fight to the rebels he set this is when the killing occurs there's a vibe is that acclaim civilian to kill buddy homie but we didn't killorn civilian sonora country but we spoke into people told us they were ranked that family members work killed by espy la troops india a yeah nope logrando from the players and andrew do anything me tell you want people listener got presence group are the ones killing people so that you can understand that easily was that despite the fact that this is not what's happening on the ground people think they because of the ones rate beginning even killing he's old false allegation but it well about three years ago to go crisis quickie spent the me on the country along ethnic lines it was didn't get this is new the lots of being the tribe of the former vice president tundra believe it society is now fraud mentally you can as the think he disturbing ethnic element underlying the game here's people are being killed because of which try bet from that's why the rams warned this could and in jenner side honestly touch reporting you're listening to global news the best stories interviews and on the sports reporting from the beebe see won't saw this remember what you can have review the weeks may new stories and why they match in the world this week as pro cost on saturday's in sunday's and it is available to down night from a website the south korean.

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