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They've said all along in this is a defensive anthony rizzo is you're coming down the line and you're thinking one thing i've got to take care of business here and sometimes you know you what you've been taught your whole life is not the rule anymore you know the rule is in the the reason for the rule for people who talk about old school baseball all that stuff we don't ever want to see buster posey lying at our any catcher lying at home plate again injured the risks were ward was not worth it and like i said some organizations were already telling their catchers no collisions at home plate it doesn't make any sense so you know a sir you understand the catcher is in the right place who was doing the right thing but not to defend you know anthony rizzo what he did was wrong in violated the rule but you do understand in the heat of the moment these things are going to happen we'll diaz did go deep against the cubs on tuesday night it was all for not in the loss to the covey's but at least it got the i guess some measure of revenge there anyway richard yet that's obviously a big big talking point in our game the last couple of days for better or worse and of course there's less else going on let's talk about a couple injuries in the national league east first and foremost mets noah syndergaard is headed to the ten day disabled list with a strained index finger on his pitching hand and boy this is the meth right richard is just always one thing after another on the injury front lucinda guard at a moment where they're already without un a suspects todd frazier while garas travis or no wilmer flores aj romo's anthony swore zach that's their walking wounded as we sit here today and it's been it's been quite a young the story of two extremes when it comes to the mets the season the way they started the year and then everything happened since yeah it's ridiculous and it's not fair in and general manager sandy alderson did a great job putting.

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