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About the Rangers again Danny Santana game winning single two outs in the ninth day rally before run deficit after Gerrit Cole exited the Rangers got even at eight when goos mine hit his fifth Homer run of the game coal struck out thirteen over six frames through seventy four was one hundred one pitches for strikes and the old one pitcher drive to center field deeper cattle again going back at the track the wall that's gonna Garber homers here the number fourteen of the twins catcher about the power to go out and get that ball and drive it to the opposite gap that is a mature PC hitting for Mitch garbled as heard on the Treasure Island baseball network while Jorge Polanco's two run double to seven help the twins and the Indian six game winning streak because Minnesota was off five to three winner and how about this one which was one sided two one pets swing a chopper over the plate toward third back it up but it is the third base release goes the second say everybody safe scoring on the players don't know and on the infield single by Tommy fan the race will run it's well the two six twenty W. D. eight pfam and Nate low Homer Tampa Bay scored seven times in the first in route to a sixteen four route of the old lode occur I for its three runs knocked in Kevin Kerr Meyer three hits three runs scored drove in a pair ray sent eleven batters to the plate in the first frame against Dylan Bundy after family homered they added four doubles three singles and a an uprising that have fueled the white wash or win a Royals Tigers with Martine now that I don't know or a solaire hitting late home runs with merry field scored a while page and they beat Detroit KCNA five water Bubba starling was hitless in his long awaited major league debut for Kansas city nat as mentioned the Wall Street journal first reported Friday in eighteen games schedule that would limit players the sixteen games has been discussed in the NFL among early CBA talks and F. L. P. A. executive director Tomar Smith confirmed to ESPN Cameron wolf the idea was being discussed and is not something he sees happening again eighteen games players including quarterbacks limited to playing sixteen of those games think about that meantime Melvin Gordon wanting at new deal from the Chargers the running back threatening a hold out of training camp Jeff Darlington on the timing for this being right this is a warning shot right we're not the training camp just yet but Melvin Gordon's credit and he is in a situation where he can afford to do this right this is not like let me on bell let's get that out of the way right now living on bell had a really nice contract offer from the Pittsburgh Steelers and was due to make fourteen million that year in this situation Melvin Gordon entering the fifth year option and he was outside of the top ten which means he was slotted to make not that much money in this fifth year option if you were to hold out for say ten weeks it is six make a current season and I'm going to free agency it doesn't seem like he's he's leaving that much the chance of that situation seems to me like they could be very serious about this hold up near the meantime the angels with an angel looking over them we explain on the other side more reaction on Russ to age down CP three being shipped out of town this is SportsCenter all night on ESPN radio.

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