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This is the mideast these podcast and i am molly livingstone recording from jerusalem the first day of real rain here since april just so exciting really breaking news for us and on the other side of the pond never breaking news when it's raining right i guess when it's not raining alex volley of sent you before we will not during the wizards pulled crossed here yes it is gray eight more rain hill a dozen rain all the time french verb watch yeah it just rains like ninety eight percent of the time and the other two percent is cloudy and it isn't about a weather podcast this is actually i have to tell you breaking news here in israel it is a big deal when it rains and it's an even bigger deal because the gossip is always william won't it rain at the holiday of sue caught because sokoto is basically a time when us the jews if you can imagine using our hands building sohka's which are these outside dwellings to live and eat n for a week hey all i home so just pirre for this what are you draw tell me is that you have a whole which is based round camping outside outlook point in your year when its doors raining yet it sounds awesome do you know if there that he had thing though with all of those clever religious people you might have put bow holed up in the middle of your lovely summer that you have me is it not true that you have a lovely summer from walk through eight pruned to now until now yana glutton all bring more visible.

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