Eugene Murphy, Superintendent, Fayette County discussed on The Morning News


On wednesday morning no one was hurt the manager for america's got talent winner then now eugene murphy junior denies murphy hit his girlfriend prior to his arrest on domestic violence charges earlier this week in logan county where callan talked about it on wednesday's metronews talkline who absolutely good not happen and in the uk out with the gold club the end ended mike andy definitive go to cook we could argued striker window would review respect women are here he that ever happened only gonna lose kebir for any reason ever one seven years and i will go we're an airline murphy's currently on on bond and thus far has cancelled no tour dates elsewhere information on west virginia voters consider private will not being turned over to the presidential advisory commission on election integrity a group charged with investigating allegations of voter fraud in the 2016 election secretary of states elections director and deputy legal counsel don kersey can firms as much actually a letter out to the election integrity commission stating that if they seek peace records they have to follow the same rules as everybody oh and kersey says they will adhere to west virginia state code and only turnover information already available to the public amtrak is facing cuts in president donald trump's proposed budget friends of the cardinal cochair chuck rex says he likes what the us house is proposing for amtrak funding better though he admits it's not perfect obviously if they were to do away with longdistance trains that would do away with possibility with daily trained but now that they've introduced a bill the us hsu is yeah there is money in there for longdistance trains that there's no money in it for new services he's an advocate for anthrax cardinal which runs through west virginia three days a week in route from chicago to new york city huntington's tristate airport is getting a nine million dollar grant from the federal aviation administration money too rebuild the airport's taxiway and improve lighting meadowcreek high school is not on the list of fayette county schools slated foreclosure lists the state board of educations approved that school was removed before wednesday's vote bay county school superintendent terry george says that changes and things were advocate bet building or lira perper great graviton day an girl we are we.

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