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Between Kenwood and red Bank, northbound clearing out between the Lateran Kenwood northbound seventy five year off and on the brakes from Dixie chucking NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl round showers and thunderstorms will pass the tri-state today, the first of which come in this morning, and that will determine what does and does not fire for later on this afternoon. So stay weather aware today as we could see large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, and even flooding. High today, forty three tonight on sixty eight tomorrow, more rounds of showers and storms, high of seventy eight from your severe weather station on nine first warning meteorologists Jennifer catch Mark NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w right now, a radar shows a few showers in the east side of Cincinnati in Georgetown mount or of much. Heavier rain back to the west a lot of it moving into northern Kentucky cross the river from rising, sun and. Back in Batesville Greensburg got some showers there as well. And to the north west. I'm sorry, the northeast Oxford getting some rain right now. Seventy two degrees in Cincinnati. There's going to be another sobriety checkpoint this week this time in the city of Cincinnati. Exact location is going to be released tomorrow morning on that checkpoint plan for Friday in Cincinnati. What's the next move with Iran? The president's national security adviser once a more aggressive approach. John Bolton is really one of the real hawks in Washington, and as national security adviser. He's been pushing for more aggressive stance against Iran, while in Japan, he, according to the Associated Press, he said that it is it is a Ron.

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