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Call American eagle dot com at 703 website or visit American eagle dot com. 11 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS and when it breaks, too rich Hunter in the traffic center traveling on the bubbly in Maryland, dealing with a couple of work since they're causing delays first. On the inner loop of the Beltway shed south toward route for Pennsylvania Avenue just beyond the interchange. Still getting by the bridge deck work over top of Suitland Parkway single file too right, heavy and slow As a result, on the absolute away delays continue to build. I should west of New Hampshire Avenue toward University Boulevard. The work on the Northwest Branch bridge single file left get you by their as of late and she shoots a 9 95 The Baltimore Washington Parkway headed south toward the Beltway Parkway was also moving while inside the Beltway. Headed down toward the district in the district. No issues report along D. C. Tu 95 ride to 95 in either direction, so far so good along both South Capitol Street in Suitland Parkway. And if you're traveling New York Avenue inbound and outbound, pretty quiet there as well. Virginia on the inner loop of the Beltway just after the Springfield interchange short stretch the work some blocks, two right lanes. And then between Braddock Road Gallows Road, two Right Lanes gets by the workfare. Ifyou're on the outer loop of the Valley, crossing the woods rubble some bridge into Maryland in the through lanes single file left get you by the works and as late now much of the late getting into the work song, but it'll slow at times in the works on itself. And if you're traveling down in principally in park that in principle, I'm counting at last report. Dumb Face Road's still closed each way it hold, Lee wrote for the crash. Still have you response on seeing rich 100 of you? TP traffic had a storm team four meteorologist a 1,000,000 Draper. Some clowns out there tonight, especially south and east of Washington, where in isolated shower is also possible from Tropical Storm.

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