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But again, they put together the resume. Since that game has been undeniable, mean Aaron has been spectacular. The back the Packers offense unbelievably good. The offensive line even without David Bachtiar e best in league So I think And you know, they didn't make the adjustments that they have with the offensive line back in week six. I believe that kicked Rick Wagoner out the left tackle on that went poorly granted. At that point, they were already down 28 to 10. When? When Bachtiar he got hurt. I think they're equipped to make the adjustments. But that doesn't mean that they're just gonna make the adjustments and then Oh, now they're going to win 38 to 10. This is a talented Buccaneers team that you can't overlook earlier in the segment called Gave Wayne was all part of a stall technique. I was trying to find the answers and updated results of our poll question. Really all it was up on 6 20 wtmj on Twitter. Champions Countdown Pull number one. How do you feel about Sunday's game against the Buccaneers? 70% bags packed for Super Bowl 55 29.7% say can't shake the week six loss. And that is 158 votes that Aaron so maybe maybe just maybe we have chipped away at our listeners a little bit. My bag is packed by the end of the show 20 minutes from now. I hope you will consider packing a bag when you go home, literal figurative. Whatever it may be, all right, coming out, running out running out the segment here. It's time to kick it over to Greg Hill Last week we played a very exciting game. It was called the three word game this week. We're going to play a very exciting game called the Three more word game..

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