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Then, started playing twain as well. Why and? We would recreate. A abolitionist debates and rallies we'd recreate suffragette parades and rallies. I'd recreate riots that actually took place in the eighteen fifties. So, they was living history since they're old sack is still sort of preserved areas. It's Kinda stuck in time. It's really wonderful playground for reenactments. Wow. So I've been very fortunate in being tying in entertainment and education, and that's vastly rewarding and I'm trying to figure out how to do that. Now using new technology zoomed with the new the new normal that we're in yet it's very strange trying to do anything creative and this kind of stuff although it does seem stale and flat in a lot of ways At that I I think there is room for it to grow and more creative minds get involved in doing something like this. The better it will become overtime So yeah but it's sad to me from from that answer beyond the plant stuff it sounds like you're also a little bit of a history buff yes or no? Yeah. You you mentioned that I'm a collector I collect early sound Oh. Yeah. That's I wanted to ask you about that. What that what does that mean? Collect sounds like tapes or MP threes? What does that mean? When I when I was playing a Stan Laurel universal partner Oliver Hardy performer be fabric he was since he was a kid. was collecting early sound I used to when we go. For the, studio on location up in. New Orleans or up in Montreal Canada or wherever we go. He was always looking for for records and I would find a either disks or cylinder records. and Nice cool titles in and give them to him. and. Then I realized I kind liked him too. So I eventually got a gramophone phonograph Plays or in two minutes cylinder records in this is say. Edison. Cylinder records. So these were the clearest early sound recordings the. There were disked cylinder records came in probably about. I think Edison's first one was eighteen, seventy seven. I'M GONNA I'm GONNA say the. That were recordings in fact fascinating or French scientists was able to use smoke and make these carbon recordings in the late eighteen sixties and Mo-. that he would recorded sound on these papers, but he had no way of to. Play them back and it wasn't a bill. The scientists up at Berkeley livermore science labs up here in in on the Berkeley campus. Figured out that they could play the smoke recordings back optically and they're on their website. Now, you can hear the recordings eighteen, sixty, nine on the. On their website. If it finally figured out how to. Play recording from shortly after Lincoln's death. So I will look that up and put the the links description for people interested in it because I'm fascinated by continue. I I'm fascinated to I got I got one here my arm and I scratch it got infected. Get remarks to tell that joke anyway. So the early discs, these small berliner discs. That were early ones were made out of celluloid. Kind of you would get on a cereal box. Hard will I have a few of those were the Jackson Some single, the cardboard cereal. Fighting within the outside the group so I found. One of these. It's going to sound totally on PC, but they were called a coon shout. Came out of minstrels easy and a white man in billy. Golden WHO WOULD IN BLACK FACE Sing a as if he were black. On, doing a coup called Rabbit Hash, which is sort of a syncopated tricking the straw it's a rabbit hash a polecat mash a raccoons do blue. And in-between the verse. He would rap. About the political climate holy Awali. White House and all this. So that is from eighteen. Ninety six is a rap song from eighteen, ninety six. Is. Can you online and or have you thought about putting that on like because? That's That's mind blowing stuff I. Mean People WanNa hear that now you Would like to get. Snoop Dogg some you know modern rapper. To hear it and then right a wrap around it with it kind of being the centerpiece. Here's a white man playing black WHO's Rapping about the politics of the day in between the verses of his song. I think that would be Kinda. Cool. So What year is that that was eighteen 1896 holy moly. That's unbelievable. So the Edison thing that that the tube thing how was that played was that like a needle or have you Seen a horn or straight horn would go to a re producer and the re producer was like a needle. It really kind of look more like that and. Read the GROOVES. and. Read the vibrations on the GROOVES, the recording, and it was all mostly acoustic until through nineteen twenties and then it became electrical recordings, right? So Was Louder but to record in the early days, you would with your instrument or your singers or what have you would record into a horn that was in. Making the grew on the wax in, they would play it back and it would be attached to other recording machines and they would make the copies that was very. Remedial, what's the word? I'm trying archaic method that really fascinating it was just. A revolution in entertainment home entertainment used to be Banjul or. Guitar Piano. and. Then with the advent of recording now, everyone could have all of those instruments in their home on these records while and then hear the voices of famous people. A lot of political speeches you can find a roosevelt or Teddy Roosevelt are. People recreating famous speeches. Let Lincoln at Gettysburg would have you on these recordings and early advertising too. There was Advertising on records as early as eighteen ninety. Wow. So how big is your collection of all this stuff? Your? We..

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