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All right. I really do think it's time for Matt Kenseth to be in the Hall of Fame because he is a very good and decent driver. How do I know? I met him two times, and New Hampshire motor speedway. My home track. Yeah. All right, well, Joseph thinks. He was in the he must have been in the room when they had the conversation. Yeah. Let's ask the man to your left. Yeah. Yeah, and but seriously, Matt is well deserved. Well deserved championship, everything he's done. There's nothing saying that he will be in. But there's nothing in my opinion that tells me that you can't not put Matt Kim's at the end on the first ballot. I mean, he is, you know, champion, two time I believe winner, the Daytona 500, just everything that you would do. That you're looking for in a driver. Did he make the sport better? Yes, he definitely made the sport better by his participation. So yes, Matt Kenseth, for sure, will be in the Hall of Fame. At some point in time, obviously there's a lot of people that are going to vote, but you have to think that he's going to get serious consideration this first time. I have not decided yet, but I have a feeling he's probably going to find his way onto my ballot. Back to the phones, we'll talk to Sierra on NASCAR America motor mouse. Welcome to the show, Sierra. Hi, thank you. Thank you for having me on. Thanks for joining us. Yes, definitely. What you got? About the Hall of Fame. What do I got? I got Jeff Burton. Jeff Burton? That's a good choice. All right, we lost Sierra. Jeff Burton. You guys work with him? Yeah..

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