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That your car that wherever you are so what just yelled out al pay your taxes eight four four five hundred forty two forty two art for your next without we cargo had our third thanks for taking my call you it's not like it's not so much from it I am well you Moses you know when you're talking about guide being flamed what more evidence that these people there don't care about swimming good people know what they did the Cabala judge cat will it was right there before our eyes and it's year old little that these foods that these women were lying yet they kept parading Ahmad and and of course women have to be believed unless they're Juanita Broderick for Paula Jones right there is actually an interview that someone posted Mollie Hemingway retweeted it yesterday and it gave me a new found respect for our repeater Ginsburg because she had a an old student the law professor now who is interviewing here have respect No Way waiter gets right to be picking up the tab no one to hear this you'll understand she said she was asked about it and the and the guy said nowadays they don't pick people for the Supreme Court who have our integrity or you know personal integrity or whatever and she came right back and said my last two colleagues who were nominated are very are very good and smart people she defended Cavanaugh and Gorsuch and then then they asked her about packing the Supreme Court and she said I think that's a horrible idea talk about wanting you to get partisan every day she said F. E. R. want to do that and it was a bad idea that it's a bad idea now it was really interesting interview she still kind of got it up there the difference between now and and FDR's time is that the Democrats were the ones to deep six that in nineteen thirty eight nineteen thirty nine they're all for it now yeah because right now they're not in power it's a Billy Taylor I you know we should get Mollie Hemingway on she said she's the author of this new Barca **** as somebody else about the capital hearings they.

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