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Some park or follow us adviser for now again going back to welcome to america. Hey those tune in thank you. it's scientists and condie's of the male. Chris podcasts here. Live on stereo. Were burn in k. Friday night lights talkin about welcome to america do favorable ham. All this having fall does go ahead. Ask those clap definitely gets algorithm on of we wanna talk about the blindfolded me pulled over your eyes right now on this shit show that we call the american media which is nothing more than a systematic the matic god damn reality. Tv show right and we're initia- believe in it right so again. Quo tragedy to our american democracy This past wednesday right now with that being said my stance has been. It's been stage. We can't different year refutable facts. That have suggested that this might not be more ganic as we are leads the league primarily on this earlier in the show if you look at the white house and the capitol building right and the other guy. Give me great about this. The capitol building in the white house. You know walking now takes roughly about fifty minutes to all so now win lynched. Went on with. Trump was at the white house in the us. Speak speaking you know.

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