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We live right underneath the class fierce face in denver so very heavily traffic area. Obviously at that point there was no traffic. So i was just to denver departure control and said. Hey we're airborne and i'll never forget. The controller said redeye one youtube the only airplanes airborne in the state of colorado. Thank god you guys are here. That's where everyone who as fast as you want as high as you want you on their space but that got us thinking when you ask you. What if airplanes not complying. Who'd we talk. We don't have command control in place at this time so it was just talking to. Atc so air route traffic control center denver center as well as denver approaching colorado springs approach. So we got everyone. We talked to denver standards. Said hey are we the only two ordinary. There's no one within thousand miles. We just went into last like six airplanes. Dia everything else is down to. There is no traffic. Go everyone you you own the entire stick staccato guru so obviously our tasking this to go to shine map. So on the way to shine mountain again homing are talking okay. So we haven't got to the art yet. Where if we do if we have to shoot somebody down without authorities. There's no way for us to get word. That shootdown order has happened at this point. We i got so again. It was just using our judgment and we could. Maybe do some turned in front of airplanes if we did see him but there was nothing more so we didn't get to that point but we did have to figure out though from a tactical perspective is our mission is to go resign mounts on the southwest. Horner caro's franks establish some sort of commentary patrol again without any command control but we can use the resources that atc has so the approach controllers colorado springs for the louth low-altitude stuff in denver center for the us. We're able to build a picture between talking to those two agencies but that picture the entire time was twenty. There's nobody after the. I say nobody the first half hour some stragglers coming into land compliant. So it didn't rear its head at that point. Arthur those some just general ation guys out there. That don't even bother turning on radio. Let alone a transponder. I mean so. There wasn't anyone funny okay. So before we get to that. After first hour we gotta tanker from mcconnell air force base case..

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