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Good morning. It's eight oh three. We have forty nine degrees right now headed for a high near seventy again today with Mike Rogers and Amanda garra. I'm Scott, SAM's. This is the KRLD morning news. Thank you for being with us this morning. We begin in Collin county where health officials are now. Reporting a person with measles decided to go grocery shopping in prosper. Here's KRLD's Allen sky Collin county healthcare services has confirmed measles and a patient and says that person went to the grocery store while contagious Collin county says the patient went to the Kroger on Preston road and prosper between nine and ten o'clock. Last Friday morning county health department says people can be contagious from four days before they show symptoms to four days after symptoms appear so out departments now contacting people who may have been around the patient Collin county counties. Now confirmed two cases of measles this year. In twelve cases have been confirmed across the state centers for disease control says one in four people with measles will wind up in the hospital. But two doses of the vaccine are ninety seven percent effective in preventing measles. Alan scion, NewsRadio to maybe KRLD in Waco, the school district superintendent there will be asking for forgiveness tonight at a special meeting after he was busted with marijuana. Marcus Nelson will be asking the school board for a chance to redeem himself. An overflow crowd is expected as the trustees consider the superintendents arrest on a marijuana charge. March sixth tonight will be the first time the board will publicly discuss whether Nelson can remain on the job that he's held since two thousand seventeen a closed-door executive session will be followed by an open meeting. Mitch card NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD Hato four now KRLD in Fort Worth of fiery crash.

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