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Five Friday January eleventh good morning, I'm Bob Conway playoff cloudy skies, orange temperature. Reading nineteen degrees. Accuweather says mostly cloudy for the day ahead and an afternoon. High of thirty six the five day forecast coming up our top local story on NewsRadio. WBZ M local politics county board president and mayoral candidate. Toni preckwinkle is out with her first campaign commercial and a deals with shooting of look one McDonald commercial recalls that seventeen year old McDonald was fatally shot sixteen times by Chicago police officer says city officials tried to bury the fact commercial credits preckwinkle for bringing them to light commercial. Says McDonald's family and community activists work hard to make sure the truth came out about the shooting, but that preckwinkle played a role as well. I release the autopsy report that helped expose their lies. And I demanded that the police chief be fired. I worked to elect a new state's attorney. When I mayor there'll be no cover ups only accountability as for reaction while the other candidates Willie. Wilson says the county board president is just playing politics and former police superintendent Garry McCarthy who is also in the mayor's race accuses preckwinkle of exaggerating her role in the McDonald's case to Latino challengers. Sue want alderman Ed Burks job in the fourteenth ward are using do tactic to try to oust him WBZ. Keith johnson. Will the story challenger Jose Torres says he is dropping out of the automatic race in the fourteenth ward. And we'll support civil engineer Tanya Patino against Burke with criminal charges against Burke. His critics think he's vulnerable because the fourteenth ward is changed demographically through a majority Latino population Burke denies any wrongdoing at his moving ahead with reelection plans. Heath Johnson, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. WBZ news time four oh, seven and Iraq war veteran is getting a multi million dollar settlement after being injured in an accident at McCormick place. Thirty-three-year-old Thomas new handgun was working as a spare parts manager helping tear down a booth from the international manufacturing technology show at McCormick place in September of two thousand twelve his left foot was run over by fifty eight thousand pound forklift has injury required. Several surgeries global experience specialists was cited with four state violations by the US occupational safety and health administration. He filed suit and a jury awarded him fifteen million dollars GPS appealed three years later after the verdict. Illinois supreme court upheld the jury's decision. And settled the case for more than nineteen million dollars. Lisa fielding, NewsRadio one point nine FM. WBZ news time.

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