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The National mall will stay closed until January. 21st of 14th station Pentagon station will also be shut down on Inauguration Day Metro train service will continue and pass through the closed stations. Fullest of metro closures can be found at w t o p dot com It's now 8 15 sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River. Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. And here's Dave Preston Capitals beat Buffalo to one. His rookie V tectonic check records. 30 saves in his NHL debut. Nicolas Backstrom impressed You handle everything. I mean, he's very calm back there, and it's been in the spin The miners couple years. Just got some experience there, I think, but both will play way better than us, and they really attacked him tonight. So I'm looking at the game overall. I mean, I think you want to get worse. Eckstrom assists on Tom Wilson's game winning goal. Jacob Franta also scores camps Visit Pittsburgh Sunday. NBA Wizards of now postponed games through next Monday as nine players were in the health and safety protocol. Six of tested positive for covert 19 general manager Tommy Sheppard. I think we have AH, very resilient team if you follow our track. Really going back to when we played Chicago Almost every team we played at a player test positive for the next day. Multiple players at some places is it was inevitable. The players testing positive will be out 10 to 14 days. Major League Baseball nationals of Wood Arbitration with trade Turner, Juan Soto and Josh Bell Men's college basketball. Maryland Rips division to win Gate 100 to 58. Today's action includes American in Navy.

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