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And then how did the joker necessarily know that they would be there yet? He knew it was going to be a fundraiser, but how did he know directly? Or I guess, because he did have people on the police force that was home in them. So I guess you say. Those in there. So they, he knew, I guess, by we'll get to a little bit, but go ahead continue. Rachel wasn't an issue of it self. I, I did. I did. You got to agree though, was better in this one? She wasn't begins Katie home. Lettuce. True. Okay. The character of Rachel was better in this then begins. I will give you that. However, Katie Holmes, really, really now we're going back to casting choices. And it seems to be an ongoing theme here. What it's funny because Katie Holmes was our first rates, right? And then in in the dark Knight. We had Maggie Jilin jig Jilin hall sister, correct, which it would be funny if he ends up becoming Batman. But anyway. I, my issue with Rachel, and this one was that I felt like she was playing both sides of the fence because the whole triangle with her and Harvey and Bruce, yes. And it's like, oh, well, because I felt like she kinda because her letter she explained, she goes. Bruce, I told you that you know when when the city no longer needed Batman, like we could be together, she was like, but I don't feel like you ever not need Batman, and you'll always want to do this. And this is like not really because by the end of the dark Knight, going into the dark Knight rises, he's quitting in Batman for like seven years. Well, he gave this should've immediately. I was like, so all that, well, you'll never stop wanting to be this is your true face now, the one that criminals? No, and I'm like, no, he's he's willing to give up being back me. He's so willing to give up being Batman that he will just drop this shit and harby give it off to somebody who don't know what the fuck been winning. All right. You didn't do that man his case in the back. Right? And he's like the fuck trae me how to use none of this. Should I figured out, but so that's my issue, Rachel. I feel like she's playing both sides of the fence with Harvey in Bruce and that she and her excuse for why she wants to be with Harvey. Bruce, I call bullshit on because he immediately gave up being Batman, like the moment. He's beat the joker and got rid of the mobs, and she, he was like, I right, and was never going to go back to until Bain showed up. So like I don't see what your argument is like. He was just say, you just wanted to be Harvey like, don't don't try to blame it on his Batman, she because that's not an issue. She she was trying to scapegoat out of it and be like, well, you know, I really don't want to just come out and say it. So, oh, I'm gonna. I'm just going to blame it on the blame it on UBS. Pat me on well, kind of sorta known if you're gonna make a decision like that. Make a decision like that. Don't agree wishy washy. Back and forth agreed in intellect, you guys know to a lot. Migrates would. It may probably sound picking. I mean, this whole thing, you may sound nitpicky these I do enjoy the movie overall. I have some issues with, but I'm kind of playing..

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