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Chris plant here are two thousand nineteen listeners. See Cruz just a few months away now and a limited number of sweets are still available. Don't miss the fun. Come and join me my best girl and other like minded WR male listeners for the trip of a lifetime. A Luxuria seven day VIP see cruise departing Amsterdam July thirteenth sailing the European coastline. And then up in London. We'll be cruising on the silver seas all sweet silver wind packed with European history. Culture and beauty. This trip is going to be one to remember. And we'll have some get togethers aboard the ship to included with your sweet, gourmet meals fine wines and premium spirits, Butler service for your sweet, plus three hundred dollars per suite on board, ship credit and more. Hurry, though space is limited book your sweet, call the travel store at eight hundred seventy seven seven sixty five forty eight hundred seven seven seven sixty five forty that's eight hundred seven seven seven sixty. Five forty online at Chris Plante cruise dot com mother's day is next Sunday. And this year pro flowers will make you a Perot at ordering the perfect gift for mom roses. Now, you can send mom a dozen beautiful assorted roses for just nineteen ninety nine. That's right. Just nineteen ninety nine order now, and you can w roses and get a premium vase for an extra nine ninety nine. That's two dozen roses and a premium base to get this amazing mother's day deal. Goto pro flowers dot com, click on the microphone and enter code nine hundred give mama doesn't beautiful assorted roses for just nineteen ninety nine or double the roses and get a free vase for an extra nine ninety nine. When it comes to ordering flowers for mother's day, pro flowers makes it easy to order. Like a pro the only way to get this amazing deal is to go to pro flowers dot com. Click on the microphone in the upper right corner and enter code nine hundred. That's pro flowers dot com code. Nine hundred pro flowers dot com code nine zero zero the got some really bad news from the IRS..

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