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On the school bus. The kids on the bus have their phones. They start shooting video. A Silver Lake Middle school kids recorded What it was like on their phones. It showed snow flying through the windows into the bus. He's a 25 minute ride home with one kid. And some of the time we got home. There were no dry seats anywhere on the bus. At some point, common sense has to kick in. You would hope and pray. But ah I said everybody was getting wet. Is that when I got on the bus, everybody had snow on them. The bus windows were still down. Snow and rain. We're coming in. After watching the video and seeing most of the Windows Open. One mother called the transportation company, they said there's nothing that could be done. The windows have to stay open. The guidance from the state does give bus drivers some discretion advising they keep the windows open at all times during operation unless not possible, due to extreme weather conditions. I guess they figured snow was not extreme. I don't know what does qualify a driving rain. Maybe I said, even in cold or rainy weather, bus windows should be kept open, at least partially. Says the guidance Um Kids continue to get wet. Well as of now, we'll see what happens when Health Department says looking at these videos, but All the windows open for 25 minutes. It's no one. That's a cool ride home. It's coming up on seven o'clock and news time We got the carriage driver 7 15 see what she has shaken just ahead. Stand by. The future of our nation is up for grabs. The most important election in the history of our country 2020 votes because we cannot get re elect you cannot win this way. Have your election night coverage for four years looking state and national result. Truth over. Cunningham and Rocky Boy host. This historic will deliver record, Russ be a big bad lot of democracy transition from.

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