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You live without fear and I want the government and the society to take responsibility. It is not me who has to constantly thing that came. My battery has to be charged. Buses should be save. COMMITTALS should be safe. And I'm out because I don't want to live without fear. India is reckoning the rape problems according to the latest government figures about one hundred sexual assaults are reported each day but many more go unreported because of the social stigma attached to victims the fee issue remains front and center last week. A twenty three year old woman in the state of Uttar Pradesh was set on fire as she traveled to testify against the two accused of raping her. She died from her burns the next day in a separate incident four men accused of rape and murder of twenty seven. All veternarian was shot and killed by police in what many believe was an extrajudicial killing with demonstrations nations throughout the nation public outrage has reached fever pitch and India's women are demanding action. Hello I'm on night. Welcome to the heat. PODCAST in this episode. Assode we feature an interview from the broadcast with Bollywood actress. Richer Chad how. She's been speaking out on the frustrations faced by India's women as they struggle to be heard by law enforcement want the government and culture as a whole which are. Thanks so much for joining us. I thank you for horrific case in India. The most recent case that's being reported report about the woman who was raped and then birded full men were arrested And then the accused were killed by police. And there's been a lot of controversy over vis in India some according to justice others in India saying that it's a travesty of justice. What is your view? I tend to agree with the chief justice of obey. WHO said that? This cannot be the thought that we choose. There is a place but every institution democracy and the police cannot be performing foaming digital of the judiciary in a sense. That absolves the release of Dan Responsibility. Case like this when the woman's family I went to complain. They're addicted psalm. One station to another Omega distinction about which area Decisi this crime happened. Then end the fuss statement to come out the next day from an official said that widened the victim. I called the police. And why did she call the sister. And then after today's Yukio that the Florida keys mated on footage encountered doesn't also point to the fact that there's also a great deal of frustration in India over the way in which the justice system handles cases like this including the man which the police handle this tation trump. Both the police and from the judiciary which is why you see you this support for this quick dispensation of justice among people there was a section of people who said that this was the best thing that could've been down ice see like liberties the minute you ignore the rule of law in favour off fucking sentiment. You're bound to go wrong if we do not follow due process. It's going to be very dangerous. We have seen outrage on the streets of India over this most recent gang rape. You have said that the country is not safe for women. What needs to change? The first thing that needs to change OSCO lost is how we days the children that we have in our country. India is one of those countries where violence against the gun starts in the womb. We have have a high native funeral if you decide and from then on gloves charter schools and often bed. Instead of trade that they were listed assaulted GPD on the re three areas and so on and so forth bust. It comes to conditioning then. Hopefully people understand the importance of following the legal costs of things that needs to be greater greater amount of sex education. I did some readies new. That a shave is sexualize suggestion but it is addition and it is widely towards the theme. Year there's been a lot of coverage over these protests in India. There was one very anxious. Young Girl Oh who was at a recent protest. She was talking about her concerns. Let's listen to sell what you have to say suffering from this every scattered off after tonight often even after nine every every goal is like scared to go out and every parents are thinking that it's a it's a far for good. She's wearing charred. What does this? And it's not that that episode doing this that yours defendant. Debbie is only that yours restrung restrung words give us your sense of the mindset among women and girls in India blend. It isn't that women don't come forward to park art crimes like these to the gentleman sexual crimes is because it is a bobby accustomed victim shaming the often asked why lead was out to lake. What is she bedding? And it was kind of gas gas lighting. That can happen because the last report was about nine month old baby being raped by that were uncovered so I was going to question why that infant choice of clothing was no we have to look at this as an objective issue and we would be foolish to believe the men in India will be foolish to believe that if women get lived on the streets that it's not something that is going to affect them. You're in a recent movie. You played played a prosecutor. The movie was called section three seven five and as a prosecutor you were trying to get justice for a rape victim. How did that role and you? Apart in that movie we inform you about the ongoing problems of ripen into read like. I knew off the shelves before the phone if you're kind of raised in India. There's no way you'll really skip that reality on the road using public transport where you study who you hang out with. It's something you deal with on a daily basis so I don't I don't think that the film added to my knowledge needs substantial ray however it was a stop was over damped and it looked at the section Balkan sent in the Indian constitution attention reach after the horrific twenty briefcase which is populated call. That was a few amendments to that and the the definition of rape was broadened. It's not like the laws are not in place of me. Gap Doesn't exist is just that nothing seems to change Wjr that case that you talk about an India in twenty twelve there were laws that were passed in the aftermath of that case but those laws acted as any kind of deterrent. And I'm On models stand jail I believe they have what forward mercy petition won on his take on his lousy perdition back one was juvenile so nothing happened though. Who to root for the documentary about the same issue you in the key? Saudi claims that it was in fact. Okay actually this is. That was that you've talked about the need for change both was in government and in society in attitudes. That's the big challenge is an Italian accomplish that the government is not something that isolation should the government exists. Because we want these people into our cottage lead ruling power has the ruling regime has a high percentage of people have been either accused or convicted of gender gyns including a former union minister gone. MGM Brush and Emily Brown could lead singer. That is a says started who bulging my own and and there's another guy on this on on right now he's on his on island saw Saami so and I just want to get back to the judicial system again. The court system has been extremely slow to act act against alleged rapists according to one children's rights organization even if there are no abuse cases reported abroad after twenty sixteen it would take the Justice Justice System Twenty years to conclude pending trials again. Why is this not a priority for the state? The answer is our judiciary additionally so clogged up or cases at on finds of dime. I'm surprised you said that the backlog would only be twenty years. Uc only even just that scraping the depth of the ice bone because these are just the number of walking Cases soulmate gases. Go onto bordered both iota. Social Amelioration Lucien the idea of shame that companies initially the word for day in the phrase used for day in. Indy is now not Cortana which needs to beat off the wants dignity to adopt the ones on The honor of the woman in the family and in so many a lower case as sort of gloves unofficial courts. They often insist on the Matting the you know Looking at all these protests across India but what else needs to be done saline society needs to together civil society needs to forge. We want our leaders onto will and ask why. Why are you being salaries? Oh forty percent off your emily's and MP's were sitting in our father meant. How do we expect them to get them in safety when they've been accused array in? Which one does that make sense and it which one is Gong to say? That leap is wrong. Societal attitudes all over the world problematic with this issue. But it's just the next level here and where do you see this go for yourself. What's next for you Do you see yourself entering politics. So would you try to work from the outside. To effect change I would like for our elected representatives resentatives to remember that the elected representatives. And do what needs to be done for all the people without ordinary. That's being citizens. It doesn't like me having to join politics. I don't think I've got out but I wish that the voices citizens and in jail was powerful enough to be good by the people who in fact you have elected whose salary some art of our tax breaks in all. This is something that affects us on an everyday basis. Everything we how we dress when laws in the north of world mortar cons for everything. It's affected by this Richard Shutout. Thanks so much for joining us. The heat is produced by CGT. In America I executive producer is the t h on the senior producer. John Gilmore our guest producer use. It was Messina Wayne. Joshua Barlow and Jeff Most introduced today's podcast and our director of digital development is Michael Sugary once again. I'm on ninety. Thanks for listening. Do you have a comment or question about today's podcast. Send US an email. You can find us at PODCAST AT CGT IN AMERICA DOT Com. And please if you I like. The heat helps spread the word by subscribing rating leaving a comment with your favorite podcast provider..

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