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Eight twenty three foot rockers even under god he must have been in the subway somewhere divert traffic and weather on the threes would be okay here is the king of all traffic Lugnuts Johnson J. effects still pretty busy northern parkway we're getting better we can see the speeds are picking up a little bit towards Cold Spring lane and forty First Street heads up on the beltway on the top side there's a medic unit they're coming over to a person that may be sick in a vehicle on the interlude and the report is between the J. affects and the rampant eighty three but they'll be coming over more than likely from Greenspring Avenue so we have a little bit of a delay there and once a medic unit arrives that will add to the heavy traffic through the area I'm Chuck with echo with traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS looking for a nice day today are hardly run fifty three degrees from Morrow Saturday game times are tomorrow's eight fifteen cloudy and windy tomorrow high around sixty six temperatures should still be in the low sixties by kick off at eight PM a tense right now pass the that has thirty six degrees Towson thirty four degrees downtown Baltimore it is thirty six original I take twenty four a well known more drive casein Elliott the other local store they were following here this morning is the the the Gilman headmaster had reached life wrote recently that a a teacher at the private school in Baltimore back in the nineties who was found to be sexually abusing students of their where they where this in the nineties resist they were not they were made aware of it in two thousand eight and they had mass road several victims approach the school in November of two thousand eight to tell them about the abuse of a doctor Martin Molloy a former seventh and eighth grade science teacher at school who died four years ago five years ago I'm sure they knew about this twelve years ago why is this story breaking now well this is mortgage interest the screen reported to the Baltimore county state's attorney's office and they see under Scott Shellenberger as it was during his first term reached a non prosecution agreement with Morgan for board of two thousand nine insuring he would not have unsupervised contact with minors the school did not say one of the state's attorney's office decided not to prosecute and officials with the office were not available for comment Thursday night or how nice for the victims of this guy is that something how nice for the victims so here you have.

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