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Casinos crunch of the game. Who do you want me to get honorable mentioned? Kevin Kennon get a few big hits tonight. One of which the defensive zone. I remember when they had their backed up on the ropes. Yes. He was tired. He was consta- over. I remember that that he hit a hawk moment. He just killed. Yeah. Came right through it. His Jean shorts on and everything. I gotta give it to the hammer Nichols dramas and just mad every night. Just putting his body on the line, eating pox. Yeah. Feet, ankles knees. It is sometimes gets a few off the head. He's nuts. Yeah. He's crazy. Again, you know in sports, I think you throw around the the warrior term, maybe. If you if there is such a thing as as a warrior in sports, nNcholas John Morrison is in our sport and tremendous video tributes. Tonight, and he really fed off that you could tell he was take them off. He was moved emotionally. But then I think all night long fed off that he was back at the place where he's had his biggest triumphs here United Center, and he played a wheel of a game defensively and blocking shots and just a a tremendous effort for the three time Stanley Cup champion Nicolas. Joel merson. Yes, he comes back to the United Center with the rest of his teammates triumphantly, and he gets the river casinos crunch of the game. Brought to you by heal the river casinos here, you can do things your way. So you do.

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