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Welcome back is the Ben Shapiro show so the the intrepid reporter mark Fisher Washington post senior editor the author of trump revealed he he has a a tweet today here is the tweet Scott McMillan a fifty six year old lawyer tweeted that it's more vital to revive the economy than to save people who are not productive like the elderly and infirm so I called his parents okay so he's a lawyer he expressed public policy position that is really unpopular in my opinion wrong and you called his mom like this is absolute journalism in the highest quality a Rando setting you don't like to call his mom me as a reporter for The Washington Post wow are your listings I trust them so much I trust those U. K. experts revise our initial estimate down from five hundred ten thousand deaths to twenty thousand deaths over the course of one week and the estimate from corona viruses spread from twelve months to two weeks I'm like the peak is gonna happen I I trust all experts I trust him so much I thank you so much I trust our journalistic experts to bring us nothing but truth I trust the what does democracy dies in darkness guys you are if this is what the article says he urged saving the economy over protecting those who are not productive from the corona virus then he faced America's wrath Scott McMillan had had it with being cooped up but the whole country being closed but the collapsing market in the isolation the constant worry the politicians who didn't take one very seriously when I could have on Sunday night McMillan a fifty six year old where and when they say California near San Diego stop president trump's tweet about how we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself the lawyer took to Twitter to add his own two sons he tweeted the fundamental problem is whether we're going to take the entire economy that's a two point five percent of the population which is one generally expensive to maintain and to not productive okay well that is a very poor way of putting this thing because number one all we don't want any of those old people to die and number two he's he's expressing basically you have to take everything into consideration but in a very bullish way I mean that that that would not be the best way to describe what he's doing and he's saying that obviously every public policy is a balance is the same thing that happened with lieutenant governor of Texas Dan Patrick people are expressing the need to balance priorities in the dumbest possible way but the overall point which is that obviously public policy takes into account both the risks to human life and the rest to economics which again is real life for millions of millions of people are waking up with a job today right that that is a that is a thing that we have to take into account now he puts that negotiate into the Washington post calls mommy seriously people called him a liberal and a white right wing not even a **** they friends live with his family's home polite people told me about their elderly parents to teach their grandchildren Latin music and produce more happiness in their golden years and most working people do in their entire careers I mean people are not transfer involved a full array of lawyer jokes when lingering in the Holocaust to convey just how awful that no one was from playing that old or infirm people should be put aside to allow America to get back to work McMillan told The Washington Post and not a cold hearted monster nature does this every so often wipes out a bunch of us but no one was not the first person to express the idea it's more important for the country to get back to work and it is to do everything possible to protect the elderly and the infirm and the anxious political and personal struggle between doing whatever it takes to avoid it we can sometimes leave a virus and doing what is needed to revive a suddenly dormant economy big nose we became a lightning rod so Washington post immediately jumped into the story instead of saying this is a random dude on Twitter was a dumb thing instead the Washington post's decided you know would be great we will call his mom E. because mommy as the blue black roof you're somewhere took down his own tweets took down its website screen his calls was miserable it took as chloroquine antimalarial drug trump kept talking up holding my protection against the virus though there is no evidence that will make you feel like crap the lord is close but he's taking it because he said maybe it does work okay this guy's gonna not anyway ready doesn't have grown of errors in the second quarter clean and so you pick on a guy who seems like his semi naughty and called his parents remain unapologetic on Twitter he wrote that his approach when you like it or not is the analysis will be performed by our political leaders in our medical personnel look at look at Italy he said I don't want to take out the old people I don't want kids coming up today to be akin to depression kids the longer this drags on without people working the worse it's going to be we can't allow our society to collapse over this so here is what the Washington post did in their quest for democracy not dying in darkness Scott's father gimmick Milne's wife he seventy eight because mother Gloria is seventy five there well they are by Scott's measure nonproductive Jim's retired lawyer glories retired high school English teacher I mean especially not productive since February twenty third which is the last time I left their house in San Diego when they went to the LA opera to watch a performance of your DJ well well the last time except for ten days ago when Jim said he was going to the home depot get a light switch to replace the one that went on the Fritz he said he went out not bother with gloves or masking and he's got by Walmart's looking canned goods you want to call it and his wife yelled at him since Walmart trip it continued their not productive life at home in in actually is watching news it says Gloria given way like to argue about the virus the president pretty much anything they argue about whether they argued about who wins they agree with their son Scott from Delhi too long failed to act they agree with their sons got the president is right to push now to restart the economy and they agree with Scott the businesses should reopen even if it means putting old folks and people with underlying illnesses and other non productive type into quarantine for an extended period so I guess that they called his parents if there's like okay how the hell is that a story The Washington Post voted several thousand words to this several thousand words to this nonsense is well done well done Washington post our journalistic batters in for keeping us informed every.

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