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Lawyer his name was fed dredge try and then we add a a base guitar player his name was atomatic twenty thousand pounds right run in the drummer as you know was larry mullen seniors a son the the fourth member of the group is named but no boasted he was the singer he was the lead singer other people will do backup vocals of judgment he's the one that was singing the lead vocals ah okay got it got it unlocked locked in now okay i'm a chick safety off buddy safety off uh point now we've only talked about three people and all i know a lot of you are saying like that's that's probably it yup that's a ban right there yeah he is isn't that the store northern white stripes right right but no there actually is one more person and the this guy's hard too hard to spot sometimes aha because he's sitting behind a lot of rain yell lot in a lotta he's like is sometimes you're like oh is he sitting behind a bunch of crates or boxes ray i know that i saw a picture of them to there was like what are those round boxes like i can barely this like what's he holed a are these hats ray were why why is he is striking hat boxes with ray with his long njit finger yeah and in huge fingers with pencils yeah it's confused didn't understand what was going very very confusing so i adam don't think less of yourself because when you just look at a picture like that it's very confusing sometimes you need to see several pictures sometimes you just need someone to explain it to you i thought there was only one picture that we could look at and so i was just looking at that like what the fuck is they're actually and this is interesting there are actually twelve pictures of this band i've only iin though there were eleven mortars eleven more pigs i got all i'm gonna show you the other eleven because he's got to see these thank you he plays what i call a but i'm a music fan i calmed the drums.

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