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Good. Hello. This is podcast routine through the top tech topics of the week and break down the gadgets, apps and services that you need to know about. But it's not just about gadgets. It's also about relationships with them and how they impact our lives. That's right. And this week's gadget lab podcast. We are continuing our series of wired twenty five festival interviews. So if you listened last week, then you know, that we hosted some live podcast tapings at wired twenty five which was the magazine's anniversary festival couple weekends ago. It was amazing. And the interviews were so great that were sharing them on the gadget lab podcast feed four you. That's right. And last week was Evan sharp, which are and Mike lead. And it was a fantastic. Listen, and this week's interview with Mary Lou jepsen who is a longtime display expert and entrepot. Manure she has worked at Google Intel Facebook Oculus, she was a co founder of one laptop per child, some of you might remember that and she created pixel Chee, the low power display technology that some of you might also remember she has explored turning the moon into a display and her most recent project is a company called open water, which is trying to use imaging technology to scan your brain both for medical reasons and potentially for a brain computer, kind of interface reading your mind, basically, it was a fascinating interview. And we're gonna play that for you later on in the show. But before we get to that let's go through some of the news of the week. Right. Are you guys ready to bring the mood down? We ever been more ready. Well in the past year, we've seen the metoo movement take hold of Hollywood and take hold of Washington and take hold of Wall Street this week. We're starting to see some reports of the metoo movement creeping into Silicon Valley starting with Andy Rubin. Andy Rubin is often called the father of Android. He created be very popular operating system that runs on something like eighty percent of phones. He also created the essential phone, and according to a big New York Times expose the published on Thursday. He has also been accused of sexual misconduct Google. So the New York Times piece details not just the allegations against Ruben. But also several other Google executives who have also been accused of sexual misconduct. The company and who were then paid very generously by Google to leave without ever bringing to light these allegations in ruins case. The accusations come from a former Android employees with whom ribbon relationship this. Has been reported on before. But this police says at the relationship cooled, and then Ruben chorister into performing oral sex in a hotel room in two thousand thirteen when she reported to Google, and according to the times report Google actually started an investigation found credible enough. So that they asked Rubin to leave the company, but when he did he was given this big heroes. Farewell ninety million dollar exit package, and none of these allegations ever came to light nothing was ever made public. And this also happened according to New York Times in several other cases with Google executives who were accused of sexual misconduct, and then paid very generously to leave the company without anyone finding out. So there's one case in the piece where an employee complained about a vice president who groped her at a work event. She reported that to Google Google investigated the claim found credible. But instead of firing this executive the company accepted his resignation and then paid him like millions and millions of dollars. So the sense you really get from reading this kind of stuff is that women are reporting sexual misconduct at the company is taking it seriously..

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