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The head coach of your you're allowed to happen guess was going to do is it's going to happen players players will constantly like if you give us the line i mean it's like it's like dave chapelle were habitual line steppers where's the line can i step over kids right you we are that's how we are not is not a player who issue is the humanist the issue you know people will push to line is far they think they can push it as far as they can get away with is there you can say that you know the problem is still there but you remove a guy in todd haley that just never really jibed with the most important player on you football team i've seen todd hilly town hill is an is it is a mile away or the highway tiper type a cold you know i've seen him have blowups on asylum would ann quon bolden when he was in arizona i've seen him have gloss on the sideline and kansas city and i've seen him have books you know with ben roethlisberger for a quarterback of ben roethlisberger statue to come out and say why i don't have the flexibility to call a quarterback sneak i don't have the flexibility make to make changes that alarmist groups of course he wants that guy gone because he sees every other great quarterback around the league with the with the freedom to make these changes that the line scrambles to have discretion at the lioness grimace where he doesn't have it now that's todd haley now as far as the dysfunction on the football team that is a whole different thing and did this.

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