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Did top it up because we are about to kick it off. I'm going to introduce our next guest so you go and grab a beer both the people listening as well as my next guest because this is because everybody enjoys roadrunners beer with jared deandre also want to ask you on the front end of this episode. Please review listen enjoy but just give me five stars even if you hate the podcast because I just want people to know about this podcast. I'm all about diversity and you know when people heard that I was GonNa do a podcast. They expect kind of automotive. They just expect cars. They expect kind of automotive industry or announcing in obviously expect beer. That's going to happen but I wanted to secretly call this beer but also because everybody enjoys roadrunners roadrunner run on the road. It's about travel. It's about the journey. It's about all of that. So please go rate. Give Five stars to my podcast now. Previous episodes of this podcast featured many different people automotive world but also just dropping one in the middle doing five point five with my buddy Ali. Asha worker more. We're bouncing around two wheels four wheels and here. We are lanny back. What a lot of people know me as in the drifting world so had to bring somebody that always gets the win a lot of people's minds and of course in my heart and there's a gentleman that I truly love. He's a great friend of mine off the track on the track. We've shared the most amount of time and just we just you know. The drifting traveling circus is is a family. But obviously you're going to gravitate towards people that you just enjoy the time a little more and I enjoy many peoples times but this gentleman was traveled all over. We've shared many last many tears. Many tears of joy tears of anguish. But just I truly enjoy this gentleman's company and we. We partied together. We've cried together. We've shared tattoos together. And I love this gentleman. So He's part of the family. He's three time formula drift champion. Chris the Force Forsberg so he's grabbed a beer. I've grabbed a beer. Chris is sitting somewhere in a bathroom. I think it was you. You sitting in a bathroom yeah. Was it a back room or a bathroom? Oh I thought you were at the bathroom at the circle. K around the corner. Okay got it. You're in the back room got it. Yeah I'm in a room of the shop because know I'm Dan. Cutting Brian but You know mega right yeah. Happy hour chats a beer You know you're working for the day like near ideal guys. I'll be in the bathroom. The bathroom well for the next hour. don't bother me do that. Del Taco ran right through me. We got some. We got some bad impossible down at the DEL TACO and last Sienna right right at the gate again. People expect automotive but here we are getting back. The drifting low hanging fruit dude. Just hours ago you dino twenty twenty formula drift comp car and what were the horsepower numbers that I saw? Well seventy to the ground our And thirteen thirteen. Holy Banana cakes. I mean do you. What do you know the records? As of like who has. Who's WHO's ever. I think Dean Carney posted something ridiculous years ago high. He was like fourteen. S which is pretty. I mean if you really think about it. Di- goes got. Everybody smoked because he did like twelve. Eighty in twenty twelve. Yeah twelve eighty two thousand twelve. Yeah that was the two S. four thirty correct. Yeah so like when he came over and twelve that maniac machine he literally what I did today. Eight years ago that is just absolutely bonkers. But so you know here you are. T are engine. Three Seventy Z. We are currently under the kind of quarantine cove nineteen lock it down. You've been in the lab You your boy you know. Diamond Fab Jimmy. I concepts all those all those gentlemen. You've been working remotely and they've been in your ear telling you what to do though right. I mean like I've been putting a car together Out here by myself Not Entirely by myself you know. I don't the hand and a new teammate. Has Been Working in shuffle time. Jimmy came now for the first half of the bill We didn't have the engine yet. We're just of getting the car back together cleaning lines believing things and like getting ready And then we did. A budget changes in the last month. Or so Russell my Spotter and suspension Guy Russell Water Russell Walker Texas Ranger just to be specific de. Yeah Yep and Yeah he redid suspension points on the car so we put a whole new supreme in the back of the car We did a A new quick change cool. We're not this isn't a tech bill. We're not doing a boring tech talk. I feel like we've already had like five of them. We've already had five of these conversations but they're like black garage and like what's going on. Hey form drift headed blackout. So what are you drink Chris? What's your beer of choice? Yeah what do you think do biggby l? You'RE SO EXOTIC. You're drinking the sweet out specifically only be on your podcast. No that is not true. You're drinking the tears photo From the person's name rhymes with spam. Melvin and it was like you know handle I'm yeah. Don't worry I gotTA cover. That is the tiers of Post Malone that you're drinking I appreciate that as post Malone drink. You're GonNa Make Fun of that. We just need to drink together so I am currently drinking a beer of never happy for its Drakkar from Fargo North Dakota but I think you'll appreciate the name it's called Gasm Echo guys. I got. I got a pretty good beer in the fridge. I should show you a friend of ours brought by. I've been wondering when the drinking today might be a good day so next time you go on some weird ran. Eyal right over the bridge. Six so echo at Gaza from Fargo North Dakota Really Dope graphics on it but breaking it down Sicher Mosaic House. Geese PALE to row flaked. Oats careful multidose. These are one of those rants. If you'RE GONNA go get them beer numb joking. Don't go anywhere don't do it. Seven percent don't don't leave. Don't leave a soldier behind. You got a nice frosty cold crispy boy there. You No rose. Yeah Kristie boy flowing out of here. They Forsberg again again if to. You're a heavily branded right now. For those that could see this this might just live in the ether but you got BC racy Mishimoto parts you got Canaan air filters jd Pistons Radiant Dorian the bathrooms well because we're in the bathroom so because we're under quarantine. Forsberg ran out of toilet paper. So he's purely using cannon air filters as toilet paper you just their washable. You re oil washable Spray on there. And it's great then we're gonNA define what's what's your most memorable trip You and I had together. Can you think of anything off the top of your head something stupid? There's one that kind of stands out in my mind. Yeah Well God. Dang there's a few like there's there's so many FDA's as well like if you WANNA take out of the equation Right Abu Dhabi or maybe China. Some of the early ones are cool ones but there are so many like oh. You're talking about cinema and point ten thousand six he's talking. Irwindale and you know there's so many right any stick out where I look like look like an ass where you look at all of them all very good down one that stands out in my mind is is a classic trip and it was just totally off the radar which would be Not Dr but Puerto Rico Puerto Rico. Where else did we go? Costa Rica. Where did we go that island? Where now where do we go? No go ahead. Where we're von where we took Mickey Edwards and Tony and in Vaughn and the right L. Salvador El Salvador. That was that was a wild trip. One stands out in my mind. It's on the drift alliance video too. I wasn't a total buffoon. It was Tony Angelo. That didn't want beans on his plate. Tony Angelo former said no Bush. The story goes that we're in El Salvador were standing at a fairly decent resort and Tony Angelo former formula drift driver eventually judge now motor trends star again drift alliance drift trip along with a couple. Hot Boys Dub Ernie veal and the apex there. Too we'll stunt riders now. They're very accomplished. Which is pretty sad to see. They're they're kind of careers. Grow but Tony. Angelo does not like beans and there was a language barrier here lost in translation. And the case is that. Tony asked multiple times for no beans on his plate breakfast. We're in this nice little COSC- look at the ocean. Well unfortunately the plate came back with beans once again and Tony and I was kind of egging him on a little bit and Tony just a little bit. And he blames me for him snapping. He's like played overhead full plate. I said No. Beans smashes the plate on the ground. Zero Chill Zero Chill. Yeah that was pretty funny. And then you gotTa then you laugh and I was like this is stupid and just like finish breakfast man. Just like they're nothing like is great. Yeah that was that was an eventful one and I remember again. All my highlights of in the video is falling on the slide. Falling down this falling down that and it was just meet is falling falling all over the place and another another great ship. Another great trip in my mind was Was New Zealand. Rebel drifters Tyler mcquarry. Went over there Ryan Turk and And yourself and Obviously Mad. Mike was there. It was his event but notably the thing is that we were. We were asked to go bungee jumping. We had the opportunity to go bungee jumping and the story goes that base. Okay Yeah you yeah you interview Chris. Tell please tell us your experience so yeah. We're getting ready to go bungee jumping and I'm immediately like I don't WanNa do that. I don't this is my thing my I wouldn't have signed up for it but like whatever and like everyone starts talking about it and You Know Church I wanNA to do and you're like oh I don't WanNa do it. You know we're like. Oh.

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