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Mayor Jenny Durkan wants to make that permanent. Seattle times reports some employees within the department oversees of signed a petition urging the mayor to start over with a more transparent process. Shawny Jones works in the H point person as the leader of a department that serves a marginalized community without input from the folks that are impacted the most is highly disrespectful. Several people who live in Seattle sanctioned homeless camps. Have also spoken out against Johnson's appointment. Now, so want stance has drawn a sharp response from Durkan's office, Saint Johnson has undergone an exhaustive vetting process by doing his job. They say it's time for councilmember Salah now to do hers. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. The Seattle area's most successful companies are sounding the alarm over the decline in middle income housing. The update from komo's Corwin Hake. You'll recall Microsoft step forward, I two weeks ago company, president brand Smith pledged five hundred million dollars toward financing for middle-class housing and challenge to other local companies to join the effort now regional corporate giants have attached there. Their name to a report by a group called challenge. Seattle led by former Governor Chris Gregoire, Seattle members. Obviously want the entire region to be economically successful and to continue that success. But they've fundamentally also want the region to be affordable to all families of all income. The Seattle times reports Costco, Zillow warehouse her and Expedia or among the challenge. Seattle companies now calling for policy changes to relieve the lack of housing proposals include new zoning laws to allow for more density. Another idea would extend low income housing tax credits to middle income projects. Corwin hake. Komo news. Update this morning on a hit and run crash near Olympia that left any eleven year old with devastating injuries. State. Troopers have found the van they say hit Isaiah Bermeo on Sunday right now, they're not sharing where the van was found. Or if they've found the driver Bermeo remains on life support. His family says he has very little chance of survival and missing Clark county pilot, George re- Regis is believed to be dead. His plane was found crashed on the side of mount hood in Oregon. We told you Monday reaches took off from the airport in cameras Friday and hasn't been heard from since our recovery team will head out this morning trying to reach the wreckage. Investigators are now looking into the cause of that crash. Komo news time eight ten trying to get to the Harley exterior sports desk. Can Tom hutler is here huskie men's basketball team off to its best started the conferences fifty two fifty three season seven and Owen Pac twelve nine straight wins. That's all on the line tonight against Southern Cal airlines arena. Trojans are five and two in the conference of difference. At tonight's game may come down to in the estimate of coach Mike Hopkins dog pacman when they're on. They're.

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