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On the line with me is the great elderski. Larry elder larry. I had a and i know. I can't stay on this long for political purposes but i had a caller call the other night and it it it really. It really got to me larry into the the caller said you know i. I appreciate the show. I appreciate what you're doing but But larry something special. And i was like well. Good lord you wanna drive by and in studio while i'm here anyway but anyway Let larry let me ask you this okay. So you laughed. Behin- i mean obviously lucrative career as a nationally syndicated. Radio show it. Do you wanna put your policies to the test is this. Why did you decide. Hey i'm leaving. Radio i wanna give this thing. A shot running for governor of california. I know the timing is good but do you have a desire to pitcher policies to the test. You know carl. I get asked that question a lot. And what this sound to sound arrogant. But i love the series a die. Hard movies with bruce willis and one of the ones he was and it wasn't one of the third or fourth one wasn't particularly good but he's in the car and he savings as the world And somebody says the. And why are you doing this what you do this. And he said. Because somebody has to. And i'm looking at the guys that were running against so i didn't think they can win. I know that i could bring something to the table. I've been talking about crime in rising homelessness and the rise of the cost of living in the fact that people leaving california for years. And i really do think i have something to say about it and i felt that i have. I had a moral. I'm a man of faith. A spiritual and patriotic duty to do this. And you're right. I'm not doing it for money. Obviously not doing it for fame. I in fact. I'm losing And you know you always run. The risk of somebody thing will say something about your reputation that might lead us forever. I knew that i was doing all of that. But i really felt i had no choice. I thought i would regret it. And i would not be proud of larry would not be happy with myself. My mom and my dad looking at me from heaven without the happy at dodger this. Because i just didn't wanna put myself through it. Though i felt i had no real choice car. I really. i really felt that way. Larry i gotta tell you in that response at you just gave. I gotta feeling date. You've just inspired. Countless amount of god knows how many people to to chase their goals in in in their dreams. All right. let's get back to the topic at hand. Top five issues that larryelder fills needs to be the ones or the ones that that'll help the people of california well first of all when i become governor to the extent that they're still mandates for state workers. It'd be tested once a week. Where facemask at work I'm going to repeal those mandate before. I had my first cup of a cup of tea. I think they're anti science You know i'm not anti vaccine. I've been vaccinated. I'm older i've got a co morbidity and contrary to the ads my opponent has been running. I'm not antibac-. But i do believe a lot of people for example followed the advice of calmly harris and joe biden when they said if donald trump told him to take the vaccine. They wouldn't take the vaccine was done real fast. The fda approved it on an emergency basis and less than a year the average vaccine takes about five years And a lot of people. Just don't wanna take it. I was at a campaign stop in palm desert and went into a coffee shop. Carl and waited on by a very charming young lady. And i notice that half the people at the wait staff wearing masks and half of them weren't and i asked her. What was the policy in the store and she said well. My boss allows us to wear mask african. That we're a man i said you've been vaccinated. She said no i. May i ask why. She smiled and she said well. You may ask bound to give you a reason why i choose not to. I mean isn't that america didn't thomas jefferson warning against trading freedom for public safety. And i think that everybody in california now who wants to be vaccinated been vaccinated and poor people can be vaccinated for free. A lot of people have made the decision not to be made. And i think we ought to respect that. Why don't you The other issues as well. I know you're listen. Obviously you made some homeless people upset today. It looks so that's a. That's a big issue for you. Once you speak right and many of them have mentally ill mentally. Ill problems Some of them are schizophrenic. Eating a danger to themselves or others. And i think we demonstrated that this problem has gotten worse and worse and worse under my phone when he ran for mayor in two thousand four. He said ten years. I'm gonna clean up the homeless problem in san francisco. That would have been twenty fourteen. Have you been to san francisco lately to. Providence gotten worse. And that's because i call it. The homeless industrial complex Homes are being built a substantially higher cost. And we'd be built if the private sector bills them without dealing with the underlying reason why people are homeless in the first place and it's largely because of mental illness and because of substance abuse these people need to be treated and government has proved itself to be ineffective. We need to involve nonprofit community activists churches synagogues and mosques. And once that done they need to have low cost housing i talked to dr ben.

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