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Pentagon would if you attack Kenny after the match kind of to promote the crews where we were doing the big six-man rematch, which was course, was the bucks of Jericho. Matt naked myself versus the bullet club. The last match the bullet club. Which is Cody Kenny and Marty about integration of the bully club. And then Nick Jackson the idea of instead of just running in. Why don't you dress up as Pentagon do the double Switzer ruined then attack them? So that's how we did that there's been a whole podcast about that. How I flew to Chicago from Little Rock and then did the match and then flew back to Kansas City to do the fuzzy gig that night on a private plane, which was provided by Tony Kahn. That's something. I never told anybody before Tony Kahn provided that jet. Also, we happened to have a fuzzy gigging, Jacksonville, Florida around that same time, maybe a week before a couple of weeks before or might have been a week after sometime around then that's what I had a meeting with Tony Kahn for four hours and really got a chance to get to know this guy and hear what is thoughts and hear what he wants to do with this company and hear hear what he's thinking. And what he's feeling, and that's when I realized this guy really wants to do this. And does he have any? Previous experience running a wrestling company. No does the president of the United States the last two had inexperienced in politics. No. But what they both have all three of them had his passion and experience with business, and Tony and his father have never run a wrestling company, but they own the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL is entertainment. It's sports entertainment as well..

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