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The friends real name. Yes I'm naming Hayden on this show Hayden Okay and I think another couple months past and Dylan asked me again. Hey how come you didn't do Snow Valley Oklahoma like doing what. Why are you interested in this Oklahoma Ski Story? He says well. This is where the Paola comes out. He says what Hayden says that he'll give me some really rare pokemon cards if If Your Dad's podcast one over Stone Valley Oklahoma so Hayden listens to omnibus. Apparently seems unlikely on the face of it and Hayden had an idea. Hayden apparently has grant. I did some research research last night. Okay Dylan and I were texting back and forth with Hayden Hayden. It turns out you guys are all in the same house but you're texting. Winter Haven is not in our house. Hayden is in Hayden's house. Ah Hayden but Hayden Hayden mentioned his grandparents are from Oklahoma. I believe the region of Oklahoma that our story concerns and so he knew about this kind of funny local story of Snow Valley and thought maybe he had realized that we cover some of that kind of Americana and cultural detritus. Try To us in this venue and thought your dad should do that. And when it didn't happen he decided to sweeten the deal like rear pokey more a Dell foxy the X. Agreed-on X.. Two on tally ex. I asked the Dolans specifically I need to know which pokemon cards and he said why. And I said because I'm GONNA mention them on the show and now Dylan's all of a sudden backtracking a little bit right now.

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