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And the wbal app well it was a good idea while it why is there but montgomery county officials are their plan to allow residents to pre paid their 2018 property tax bills before the new federal tax law kicks in is not going to work so they have dropped the idea now because they say it was unworkable in such a tight timeframe some council members that bush was a plan in response to new federal caps on deductions in the giant tax overhaul pre paying the property taxes could have been a major money saver four wealthy homeowners in montgomery county which is one of the richest in the country they are doing the prepayment in dc in fairfax county virginia were they telling people they can pre pay but they have to do it very very quickly now kelly you've been held newsradio 1090 and apg fc you present smug top ten news stories in baltimore 420 2017 number six posed just after days in charlottesville where there were violent protests over the city's plan to remove a statue of roberty lead that turned violent baltimore's civil war era statues and monuments were taken down in the middle of the night wbal newsradio 1090 scott wyckoff was there in baltimore as it all went down and the computer has burke we will get that to you momentarily here in just a second for now though we want to tell you about the airport where they're telling us that the traffic is strong and the lots are filling out the day lot the long term lots less than six percent available there the easy pay lot is full they tell us and wbal's karen campbell says right now if you're at the airport you got plenty of company into the airport around five and it was already sell what airline officials want you to do is double check your luggage before you combine by triple check your luggage and they say arrived two hours in advance because the goal of a similar people as quickly through these security lines as possible and at one thing tsa agents say that they've noticed a disturbing trend it is the increase or.

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