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Oh you may not realize it but the average american blast there is with bright screens for eleven hours every day. When you consider how much our day revolves around devices it doesn't seem so crazy but you can protect your eyes from all that extensive screen time with a pair of felix gray blue light filtering filtering glasses available both non prescription and prescription glasses screen time phone. I'm app is really like got me aware of how much i'm on my device. I'm up to twelve hours a day. Isn't that crazy. That's fucked fucked up so the field and i do feel like when i go to my eyes are burning and it takes me longer to fall asleep because of all the stimulation of the blue light in my eyes so the last that i wear i'm sick around the house felix gray right and i feel as though it's counteracting all the blue light stigmatisms that are penetrating my apples. No it's quite important especially for someone like you who spends in half their day and i bet you didn't know the majority of americans live retired dry eyes blurry vision or headaches caused by screens. If this sounds familiar felix glasses are for you the filter out ninety percent of high energy blue light and eliminate ninety nine percent of glare coming through from your daily lebron of screens unlike other blue filtering glasses felix greatest as proprietary technology embedded into the lens as opposed to cheap coating can easily chip or scratch overtime. Don't go another day looking at screens without the help of some field glasses go to felix gray glasses dot com slash toast for free shipping and thirty day of risk free returns or exchanges see you can get glasses with prescription scripture. If you have or you can just get the glasses without prescription to protect your eyes at felix gray glasses dot com. That's f. x. G. r. a. y. Glasses dot com slash toast. Check it out thirty days. Risk free returns free shipping as well. That's a deal love it okay now switching gears. I'll tell you who didn't have his felix..

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