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Sports desk Josh Harrison back at second base batting eighths tonight Jordy Mercer ninth, Colin Moran, that d. h. was David freeze at third Trevor Williamson the pirates against twelve win Corey, kluber at the Indian seven ten on the fan Williams seven and seven to four thirty six ERA long with twelve. Wins. Kluber to seventy six earned run average has bats fourth he started. Twenty two of, the last, twenty seven for Clint hurdle he's been. Really really smart and now he's taking. Care of himself recovery is preparation before plus he's. Time it's not like this guy's been. Catching everyday anywhere so let's not lose sight. Of that that's a big part of what he is he still has fresh legs Fred's go from the pirates toasting the cardinals cubs home Tarazona. Chicago will have to face Patrick Corbin NATs, the brewers GIO Gonzalez gets Jewish just seen federal host, nine of its thirteen non conference basketball games this year the Jeff cable Tuesday, November sixth against Youngstown state they will. Follow that was four more at home via my Troy central Arkansas north Alabama, city game November. Thirtieth West Virginia on the road December eighth ABC football predictions are in, Clemson picked, in the Atlantic with Miami and the coastal follow by Virginia Tech Georgia Tech Duke and, pit hall of Famer Joe name telling the fans today he thinks Ben Rothlisberger will be in the hall of fame. Saying. Of the lessons he learned growing up in his hometown things we're. Working on with, our community, and beaver falls this tried to pull. It out the data it's.

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