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Was client. It was a layer on a run off of left tackle where we should have had Two or three yard gain looked like there was a little traffic around Karim Jackson's leg. Bryce Callahan looked like he was going to get over and it was gonna be a late attempt on a tackle. There was no attempt made and when you are playing in the league You gotta know that you have to throw your body around. Edward's given the handoff runs through a couple of tackles going through another one, and he's in the end zone for Kansas City. Touchdown, shoddy tackling there by the Bronco defense puff to get guys when it's this cold on the ground, and there were a couple of Bronco defenders that slipped off him. Kareem Jackson being one of them. Yeah, that's not move. Kareem Jackson years I can guarantee you could tell you that's not his standards. He's a much better player than that. More attention to detail, though focus and the more energy and that never has to happen again, but We did see the emergence of one lady on bail and lady unveil made a nice run on this play in particular, Shelby Harris planned right defensive and position. He clearly had a lane to get to and he was walled all and it led to a 14 yard rip on the ground for first time. Rush of Lady on bail. Holmes bobble. The handoff now turns to the lady on lady and build a big hole in the left side. Belle's first period chief will get a first down at over the 40 Yard line, knocked down at the 41 tackle by Alexander Johnson and Josie Jewels for the Broncos, but a 16 yard run. On the first ferry of his Kansas City Chiefs career for Lady on Belle. Yeah, and that was a shake your head moment right there. It's like, oh, not that you didn't want to see him play good, But you know.

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