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So as a family grew and we wanted to we had little culture just outside the windy but it was getting rather crowded when be had four children that are crowded we wanted to move to somewhere bigger and with everything and we saw. Well we have find. Will we be able to find a hog. So maybe even more exciting we could find a site and build a hugs and one day of a friend who was Stay trump said he had just seen a site which was the best one ever seen to build a new house. But we depressed at that movement because we mean looking for two years hadn't found the right place and He's off okay. We better gun able to get but did say without any great comforters We arrived at the baltimore all the rockies almost impossible track beating up the hill and said we walked up to track the talk. There was this small sort of broken down to up to cottage surrounded by even more broken on bombs and the amazing number of about fifty or sixty vehicles toz engines caravans with the back. I mean it's a junkyard and we turned around and looked at the view. Let me so. This is it. It is a wonderful sight to build a house and We meant it to persuade. Distinguish could take dentist. Who designed termites other things to come and design a hug for us which is what he did and even it two we live in. It's still and it's now coming up to fifty years old You could say some bit. Such shanghai's age Things keep on needing repair and We have extended it to extort away a couple of times but then is was designed to casey's indeed the library we built as a millennium project was. He's lost work and he saw competing for the equipped with the books in before he died. Which was good ten this as we keep saying. This is about three distinct careers. It's a business book. Come a political and cultural memoir kind. Has everything in it. And such great kind of behind the scenes look at at the revolution of one of the great retail dynasties of the world and with a with cut heritage. I mean obviously supermarkets have done very well over the last year but of course the high streets haven't what do you see the future of retail when it was interesting win. When's you book it's arrived. That was a mess. You've changed probably sixty years ago but the present situation is that the biggest change since in because of course before the supermarkets high streets were full of separate butcher shops..

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