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What kind of tough to go upstairs with Nathan? Of all the velocity that he has broken the top of his own? Especially you talk about a fastball average around 97 will get it up to 100. And that was at the very top of the strike zone. It's best probably a little bit high, but Luke Voight had that top hand working and he is a strong man able to power that back up the middle. A little leaner. This year, Luke void. So one out. And a man aboard Bookshop E and the birthday boy. My good, good friend Chris Singleton. Pitch is outside. Ford at 1 85 does have a homer. He absolutely tore it up last year. Triple A He's the D H in this one. Giancarlo Stanton on the aisle with a hamstring injury. Next pitch is in for a strike. A great story, Mike for just His path to getting here. Oh, you're not drafted. His way through Cem. Independent ball and Confidence. 11 is cut on and missed a pitch upstairs yet I mean, Not drafted out of Princeton. You know, you gotta want it then. I mean, you see some guys Going to juco on maybe Not going to get found Heat. I mean, has been grinding gone and he's a good hitter. Pitch that's outside. I asked Aaron Boone. On the record, I said all right, 500 bats. For Mike for what do you got? And he said in his opinion, 35 homers in a 3 70 on base 22 Swang and a miss. Four down on strikes theirs to away with a man in first to bring up your ship..

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