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The crew of the reality television show for not hiring union workers wbz's kim tunnicliff reports from outside the federal courthouse embossed defense attorneys for the four say their clients had a right to go to a restaurant in june two thousand fourteen to legally pressure the production company to hire union drivers one of the defence attorney said the union does not have to take no for an answer and that unions have a right to demand things from employers they said there is no extortion here just five middle aged truck drivers picketing for real legitimate jobs but the prosecution claims the four men physically and verbally threatened the nonunion crew banging on cars blocking workers from going onto the set chest bumping production assistance and terrifying the star of the show padma lash caen telling her quote they would bashar pretty face kim tunnicliff wbz news radio 1030 president trump says he's not going to stop tweeting he tweets that only the fake news and trump enemies want him to stop using social media adding that tweeting was the only way for him to get the truth out well he's been out of politics since two thousand fifteen but it appears that some people want former governor devolved patrick to jump back in wbz's jeff brown reports former president obama things patrick in the white house is a great idea democratic strategist marianne marsh says if patrick wants in he's got some making up to do here not willing to fight during the big fight to make sure that hillary clinton got elected i don't think democrats are going to look favourably on that part of davao patrick political career she says it's really a pre requisite for the party that is one of the big litmus test that every democrat will have what did you do to fight donald trump on a personal note governor charlie baker says running for president is not for everyone anybody who does truth to do it i wish nothing but work precoded durable guard but you have to have a real commitment to the concrete appear vision at according to politico it's not for patrick he says he's not interested jeff brown wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time.

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