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By fourteen seventy two dated twenty leonardo qualified as a master in the guild of saint luke. A highly respected expected guild of artists can a union almost <hes> or university and doctors of medicine even after his father said him up in his own workshop though his attachment to vote okeyo with such that he continued to collaborate with him <hes> leonardo's earliest known solo dated work drawing in a impending of the arno valley drawn on august fifth fourteen eighteen seventy three oh and before i forget <hes> sodomy was not part of any italian renaissance apprenticeship program <hes> at least not that i'm aware of i made it up at least a few new listeners would just be thinking for the next few minutes about like what the fuck like the guy who painted the mona. Lisa had to go through that to learn how to do that. I was just a joke in <hes>. I can't beat. Hey i'm making jokes are sorry not sorry not sorry we notably in order to become a member of the florence painters get yeah forty seventy two because his name appears in florence companies redbook of creditors and debtors leonardo they say repeal davinci painter thank you record could keepers the painting annunciation or the annunciation by leonardo da vinci was painted with david okeyo around fourteen seventy two one of his earliest known works one of my favourite's stunning color saturation richness and detail and again <hes> yeah just <hes> i did not know about a lot of these renaissance paintings that they were done with a variety of people people variance to me <hes> in eighteen sixty nine some critics recognize the enunciation as the youthful work by leonardo because of okeyo. Oh kyo use lead-based paint heavy brushstrokes and art historians figured out that he left a note for leonardo to finish the background and the angel leonardo use light brush strokes and no lead when the annunciation ta tion was x-rayed but okay does work evident while leonardo's angel would become invisible pretty cool how they're able to kind of figure out who did what on some of these paintings fourteen seventy-three leonardo draws a landscape on the feast of santa maria della navy <hes> that pick where the thought he saw an elephant hidden in the background this earliest known so low drawing that we have record of around fourteen seventy five. It's believed to begin painting the portrait of janetta guinevere at fuck. Something ours and weird place is being currently on his plane washing d._c. At the national gallery of art why why haven't gone there. I didn't realize it <hes> so much. Cooler was in dc fourteen seventy five leonardo may have collaborate on the piazza madonna madonna for the hysteria cathedral roco <hes> that guy that fake needed fake dues had to be paid for <hes> lorenzo declivity who's adela a painting or sculpture on the front of a raised shelf above an altar which typically forms the basis for an altarpiece now in the louvre around fourteen seventy five in order also designs tapestry for for the king of portugal which has sadly been lost over time if you do find it art historians likely to send it to suck tension p._o. Box three nine one eight hundred six. We.

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