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Coming up on KCBS Bernie Sanders telling supporters in minutes now that he'll leave the democratic presidential campaign will be following up on that it's eight five right now Steve Baker here sports is Steve you and Kim I've been fascinated by baseball from ancient history can you want to start this well yeah I mean I just happened upon it last night right before I went to bed I turned on I don't even know what channel it was one of the ESPN Steve it's MLB network MLB okay and they were showing the nineteen sixty a game seven World Series it was Detroit and St Louis I mean I just got some open NABARD with not only the look of it but but I mean first of all was in black and white right I was gonna ask you know why that mean NBC had living color I'm pretty sure by nineteen sixty eight so why was that in black and white well let me jump in one of the things is that the technical recording capability back then wasn't great I mean the the decks that recorded you know to video back then like my college process instead of public cringing hearing me screw this up but but they use these giant Norma's two inch wide tapes they were huge machines a look at the size of a of your many Kim and so what did they were expensive few and far between and a lot of those tapes simply weren't kept to an easier way quite often was to grab a black and white feet and Steve you were talking about how the ones from the mid to late sixties are better looking than yeah yeah and is you know you mentioned those games live watching them live they were in color I've seen games from the fifties into the early sixties not nearly as watchable but these games started to be much much better a television productions in the mid to late sixties and this World Series you had Harry Carey at the play by play Mike and Exide Tony Khoo back wandering the stands and Henry this week before hairy sort of lost it later in his career yeah and the fascinating thing for me was shots of the stands I mean everybody was so glued to the game in a lot of the guys were still in suits and hats and stuff like that it was fairly formal wear for a baseball game and it also impressed me how quiet the crowd was mixed it was so tense right in there I think when I went to bed at night when it scored yet it was the sixth inning something like that right before the day before the cardinals have lost thirteen to nothing I think so that forced a game seven and then they fell behind quickly in this one as well well here's everything you'll never see again you'll never and I can say this without fear of contradiction seven of the World Series both pitchers threw complete games that will never happen again and how quickly the innings peeled away I mean you know Bob Gibson in particular was like um boom boom and it was it was just fascinating to watch the whole thing and just a little side note Kevin wanted me to tell you that he played with Curt flood I mean that the Curt flood used to play for an Oakland American Legion team back in the fifties I guess and then Kevin played for that same team in nineteen seventy eight and Curt flood showed up I think at bishop o'dowd and you got to play a game of catch with them wow the world has some good stuff all right you too thanks it's been fun sure that came wonderfully and Steve Vickers baseball plays the classics in an era when there are no real games being played CBS news time eight forty eight looking for essential businesses open in your area while we.

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