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Timing little off, but for so you guys learned it's needed a drummer rear prevents all we needed. You could have been our human metronome, really sell it up. Then so. Switching gears real quickly. There's a famous Nevada broth brothel name Sheri's ranch. It's believed to be the largest business of its kind in the country. And of course, Nevada's famous for their legal brothels. Well, while scientists have been working in tinkering with sex robots around the clock, the great band name Dina. Deana who is the the Madam at Sherry's brothel says they'll never be able to compete. It's it's been predicted that by twenty fifty I can't even human on robot. Sex will be more common than human on human Rops. Right. So so it's one less thing to look forward to g f e or a real girlfriend experience. Ranch mama Dina not worried as she says her team won't have to worry about the cyborgs anytime soon. She said telling the Daily Star online which ensures a reputable publication that she doesn't think that she says real sex workers offers so much more than the physical pleasure of the act. They'll not be able to match the level of connection intimacy clients are looking for in twenty nineteen. So she's concern. I don't know if I actually go to a brothel for intimacy. I mean, you could just do it at home. You don't need. Did you see the story? It was about a month ago today make a sandwich. There's there's actually a website. That people are trading parts are trading sex robots. I mean, well, that's a great way to. To bring STD's back into the picture free point six. I really did a number on me. Dave, please don't turn me on. You guys doors you guys. Thank you. You guys have obviously heard about sex robots. They're really big in Japan. Sure. Probably because most of the men in Japan, art, big in Japan. But but it just to me. It's like, oh my God. I mean, what have we come to as a society? I mean artificial intelligence is one thing artificial insemination is another right. But this doesn't involve either this is just part of fischel gratification that was her name. Again. What was her name who the the brothel operator deal? I thought it was what's place called? It's Sheri's ranch is at the place that makes Sheri's berries. I don't think so. Ruby? This the best brothels story I've ever heard come. With Swizzle involve the moonlite bunny ranch where the owner Dennis Hof was running for office. He died two weeks before the election and still got elected. Wow. That hell week is democrat candidate was everybody knows. He's dead. Favorite holiday of Japanese lady, I'm afraid to join need to dump you again. Do I need to get that rookie? Luck doesn't it? Robots robots? That's a revolt a problem with the some people some people think that and I've heard people express his that sooner or later artificial intelligence is going to get to the point where they decide they don't need us anymore and the human race will be completely eliminated. I think that's a danger is a serious danger. Do you know by twenty thirty? It is estimated that thirty percent of the workforce will be totally eliminated because of robotics and AI in this country, and we're we're heading we're hurtling quickly towards that. And that also provides an argument for people to talk about unskilled uneducated workers who are undocumented coming to this country in droves. There's well we've had a need for them in the past. That's going to be totally eliminated who clean robots. Well, you know, who's going to be the sex robots robots that do mediocre in school. Valedictorian. Valedictorian robots that are working in the sex trade. They'll be in charge of the bra the valedictorian rope. Although all equal robot lives matter another song.

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