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To defend our right to simple healthcare decisions. This latest debate comes less than a year after the Supreme Court overturned roe V wade and abortion rights advocates came out here to the Supreme Court steps to share their concerns. Many temara is president of the group narail pro choice America. It's a big case for those of us who work in abortion rights and abortion access because it's a backdoor way at banning abortion. Although pushing for the abortion pill restrictions say they want to prioritize women's health and restore critical safeguards regarding medication abortions. At the Supreme Court Nick allin Ellie double TLP news. It's 9 O 5 here on WTO knew this evening Ferguson of Leesburg is found guilty of first degree murder this evening. Syed was accused of running off to Dubai after shooting and killing 57 year old najim lali good in her Ashburn home. That was in December of 2021. Syed was found in Dubai flown back here to stand trial roughly one year ago. Sentencing is set for July 13th, guidelines say that he could face 20 years in prison to life in prison. A learning disabilities teacher at a fairfax county high school is under arrest, accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with a student. 33 year old Ali kurd month of Reston is facing four counts of indecent liberties by a custodian of a student. Administrators had James Madison high school, where she worked, alerted police to the relationship last month after a student came forward, detectives determined she had unlawful contact with the student over the past several months. Kurt mondi is being held without bond. When the school year started in fairfax county, there were new rules that students had to follow. One of them prohibited cell phone use during class, while a new county report says most students are complying, one local principle says there's more to that story. And it's an update you're hearing first here on WTO. When we would call about the phones and say, we have your kids phone. They would say, good, keep it. Can you come a lard as principal at west Potomac high school? She says the school banned cell phone use in class several years ago before it became a county wide requirement last fall. In the first semester, only 459 students had a documented cell phone violation according to the report from the lord says many more were likely caught using their cell phones. First warning, I'm just telling you, second warning, you're going to have to talk to an administrator. Third warning, there might be a call home. Before you get to the place where it's I'm putting this in and I'm taking your phone kind of thing. Scott gelman, WTO P news. Looks like you'll be reloading that smart trip card more often on metro fares are going up for the first time in 5 years. The longer you ride, the more you'll pay, it's 40 cents a mile after your first three miles on the rails. The maximum for any ride is $6. And after 9 30 p.m.

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